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11 Financial Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Getting Married 

Marrying the love of your life is like a dream come true. All the dreams and plans you had together will soon come true. Your heart is in full support of this flattering decision. But did you ever try to think practically? Before you start preparing for your big day and the biggest decision of life, wait. Wait and ask your partner the following questions to understand their financial stability.

Are You in Debt? 

Make sure you know exactly how much debt your fiancé is carrying. Even though you’re not legally responsible for debts your spouse accrued before your marriage, chances are that some of your earnings will go toward paying it down. It could cause serious problems for your marriage if one partner knows nothing of the other’s debt. Equally as important, you need to ask what kind of debt your fiancé has. 

How Do You Save Money? 

Do you save money at the beginning or the end of the month? Make sure you ask this to them and let them know about yours too. Try to save at the beginning. If you wait to save what is left over, there is often nothing left. 

Do You Have a Savings Account? 

Having a savings account shows that your spouse-to-be is thinking about his or her financial future. Anyone can suffer periods of economic downturn, due to layoffs or illness, so if your partner is saving money, he or she is most likely aware of the importance of being financially strong. 

How Many Credit Cards Do You Have? 

A high number of credit cards may be a sign that your partner has a spending problem. It can also lower his or her credit score and could cause a greater risk of running up debt and defaulting on a loan. A lower credit score can make it difficult to secure a mortgage for a house or a loan for a car, which may affect your future lifestyle as a couple. 

How Will We Handle Our Finances Upon Marriage? 

Once married, you may decide to merge all of your monies into joint checking and savings accounts and eventually invest your money together. Or, you may decide to have your own bank accounts and pay things separately. There are many ways of handling your finances together, so a good question to ask your spouse-to-be is how you both want to handle finances once you are married. 

How Much Will You Spend on a Home? 

You’ll eventually purchase a home if you don’t own one currently. But before that happens, talk to each other about the neighborhood you want to live in, the type of house you want and how much you’ll spend on it. In addition to the basic mortgage, it’s important to discuss other financial issues, like how much you’re willing to invest in building, renovating, decorating and securing your home. Conversations about home security and insurance are also important, as couples have differing opinions about how to protect their property and assets. 

How Will You Spend Money on Your Future Children? 

Raising children is an expensive responsibility. The average family spends hundreds of thousands per child over 18 years. Because it’s likely that you and your fiancé were raised with different financial backgrounds, you probably each have your own ideas on how you’d like to raise your children. Talk about these future family-related expenses with your fiancé so you can work things out before taking the plunge into parenthood: 

  • Will we be a two-income family and pay for childcare, or will one of us stay home with the kids? How will we decide who stays home? 
  • Are our kids going to private or public school? 
  • Will we pay for our children’s higher education? 
  • Will we pay for fertility treatments or adoption? 
  • Who Will be In-charge of Investing in Our Future?  

Ideally, both of you should be involved in investing in your future, but have one person be in charge of planning family meetings to talk about it. 

Will You Merge Bank Accounts? 

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, but it’s essential to discuss before you tie the knot. Marrying accounts can help couples feel unified and in control of their newly joined life. Should you merge, try to keep the process simple for you and your partner. While merging accounts works for some couples, it can cause additional problems for others. 

How Much Can We Spend on Our Parents If They Get Sick?  

It’s hard to quantify this amount, so this question is just more about acknowledging that this type of issue might come up. 

Have You Ever Declared Bankruptcy?  

Hopefully, you would have told your fiancé this by now, but if you haven’t, they deserve to know. Also, talk about what might happen if you get to a point where you may have to declare bankruptcy or even better, talk about how to prevent this. 

Asking these questions will help you understand if your partner is the right one. You sure need love to take a marriage ahead. But you also need money and assets to live your life happily. Based on the answers you get for these questions, you can gauge how your life will be after you two come and live together. You’ll understand how much effort either one of you will have to put to lead a comfortable life. So ask these questions and get fu clarity beforehand.