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SG City Loan will be able to find you a bedok money lender or one that is near to bedok. If you are working or living in bedok, we can help you find a legal money lender suitable for your needs. Do not approach illegal moneylenders as it will give you a lot of problems and headaches.

Licensed money lender means you will be protected by the law. You do not have to worry about overcharging you or anything. However, if you go to an illegal lender, there is a high chance that you will be harassed by them. If you have seen the news, you will see that they have threatened to burn down houses or harass you at your work place.

Legal moneylenders are not allowed to do that as such, you do not have to worry about these things happening to you.

Enhancing Your Credit Score after Bankruptcy 

Many people do not pay much attention to their credit score that is easy to do when you have always been able to pay your bills on time and haven’t obtained much debt. Even the most accountable consumers or clients can be hit with unforeseen situations such as job loss or medical expenses. Credit cards can float the costs for a while, but at some point, the debt can mount up to a point where payments are no longer manageable. Missed or late payments can lower your credit score, but you may avoid bankruptcy, hoping to stop any further damage. 

Bankruptcy is something that no one needs to experience in their lives. Generally, individuals declare bankruptcy when they know there is certainly no other option to them. A man’s answers behind proclaiming bankruptcy can move extremely, from losing an employee and having medical problems, to just running up excessively in debts without requiring the capacity to pay it back. 

Something that an individual having declared bankruptcy thinks about the most is usually that how worse this action will confirm on their future credit score. Your credit rating is one of the most vital things that decide the kind of loans or Visas you will qualify for. 

However, sometimes bankruptcy is the correct choice, and there are steps you can take to repair your credit score after filing you bankruptcy credit score ratings. 

Credit Report 

If you have a pattern or a sequence of late payments, filing insolvency can release many of your unsecured debts and put an end to those past due payments. Bankruptcy will lower your credit score, but once your document has been accepted; you will be given an Emission of Debtor document that shows your debt has been forgiven. At this time, adverse credit events stop, and you can begin establishing a positive credit history. First, you’ll need to request credit reports from the credit reporting companies. Evaluate all of the data detailed on your statement to ensure precision especially that any debts included in your bankruptcy show a zero balance. You can correct any mistakes by contacting the credit agency. 


After ensuring you have a clean credit report, you can start the work of adding positive elements. You will most likely receive credit card offers the moment your situation is solved. However, make sure you review the terms cautiously before agreeing to. You may have to start with a properly secured credit card with high-interest rates and steep fees. Even if this is not ideal, it is a place to begin.

You can avoid paying any interest by making only small purchases and paying them off ultimately, promptly every month. You may require using the credit card for a low monthly bill and setting up an automated payment. Basically ignoring the fact that you have access to credit to avoid the temptation to overspend. As time goes by, you’ll receive better offers for new credit cards. Maybe you will be able to renegotiate the terms of your current card. Soon, your credit score will progress, and you’ll qualify for better and better options. 

Moving On 

Similar to most negative events in life, disregarding your credit will not result in enhanced circumstances. It is best to be fully acquainted with your financial situation and take immediate action to make changes. If you are in debt that you feel you will never have the ability to pay off, the first step is to determine if you can revise your budget to get back on track. If this is not possible, accept to be helped to discover your insolvency options. After making this positive move, the possibilities to rebuild your credit rating will present themselves. Shortly, you will get yourself back on your feet. 

You must be more financially sound after your bankruptcy 

Taking a look at this logically, you are in reality more reliable after your insolvency discharge than you were previously. You now have the monkey off your back. And you have an increasing number of assets that you had before paying your bills. 

Purchasing a home post-bankruptcy 

You can buy a house after bowing out of all financial debts. Inside one to two years after your discharge, many people routinely can meet all needs for credit. Even with a similar loan term as they will have before they file for bankruptcy. What’s critical at this stage is your pay. This includes any payment or deposit. And how dependable you pay your home loan previously. 

Other ways you can use to employ for credit score rating repair after financial bankruptcy. 

Talk to your creditors for some help in return of some payment 

You need to accept that the lenders have nothing to do with the reality of you struggling against bankruptcy. Cash is everything for them, and that is precisely what you can take advantage of. Furthermore, for profit, they may wish to work with you. Only if you can convince them with enthusiasm for making some payments to them in return of their favor. 

Avoid taking any loan for some time 

You could well be enticed to obtaining another credit now of time. Unless the circumstance is hugely demanding, attempt and abstain from doing as such. Keep in mind your pre-bankruptcy days! Why did you fall into so much inconvenience? Do you want to suffer the same pain and stress once more? Not, as the vast majority will answer it. Also when realizing that, you will do well to avoid any loan or other credit instruments. 

Credit repair after bankruptcy is difficult but possible. For the most piece of it, you would understand that cash does not have a noteworthy influence in this process. It does, however, what is more, critical is your will to make the most of it. It is tough to live stress-free once you filed for bankruptcy. Individuals who can do that and can productively deal with their money-related commitments are seen coming out of the zone sooner than the rest.