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Boat Quay is a tourist spot with a lot of bars and restaurants. It will not be easy to find a boat quay money lender. As such, what we will do is to help you find a money lender near by instead.

Licensed moneylenders are easy to find but it does not mean that they are the best option. Some lenders are popular for their long repayment terms while others are notorious for their bad debt collection practices.

Let us help you to find the ideal lenders. We will provide you with a list of lenders that will be able to meet your needs.

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4 Vacation Spending Mistakes To Avoid 

Vacation is that time of the year when you feel you have worked throughout the year and now you need a well-deserved break. Vacation lightens up your brain and puts it on a power surge for the rest of the year. During your vacation, charge up your energy reserves and pump up your gumption; however, when on vacation, your spending habit goes haywire. So, before putting that hole in your pocket, consider a few trip and stay guidelines. These revolve around the mistakes you would make in case you were to travel nationwide or internationally.  

Passport In Order 

Many countries entertain tourists. This is a given fact because there are so many tourist attractions. Yet, many countries may require passport validity of three to six months. Many travellers from Singapore may fall for thoughts that their passport renewal date is a decade from now or so, and so there are no passport hassles to consider, which is why keep in mind which countries require visas for Singaporean tourists or for travellers on vacation. The Henley Passport Index is a ranking measure for contextual passport conditions for entry points and exit points to and from a country. Singapore ranks number one, depending on travel freedom. Singaporeans are conveniently brace with visa-free entry and visa-on-arrival mobility for 189 countries across the globe. Yet, there are territories which you need to apply for a travel visa. Passport is not enough. 

Insurance Coverage 

When you are travelling from Singapore to any other nation, ensure you have taken insurance. Insurance can come handy in case of an untoward incident like death, accident, cancelled flights, baggage loss, travel delay, and so on. Travel insurance provides cover for misfortunate events before, during and after a trip as well. Hence, travel insurance is pivotal. You must ensure that you are not undercovered as much as not owning travel insurance at a modest cost.

Your insurance coverage depends on the type of policy you take. Fulfil all formalities depending on what is the coverage and before you embark on your journey. The main thing to carry is your e-copy of the policy or a printout so that you can check coverage while you are on the run. Do have a digital copy of your insurance policy on your smartphone. Check to see what additional documents you need so that you can put your claims into a progress mode when you are back from a vacation. For example, your insurance company may ask you to have an insurance card whereby you can process small claims upon return to Singapore, disbursing in cash at all airport terminals. Therefore, take a pre-emptive approach to compare across travel insurance companies and some plans of the selected insurance company.  

Credit Card 

The main tip is to inform your credit card company and bank that you are travelling overseas and that you need to know all the benefits and costs involved; however, if you have a specific travel credit card, it is way much better. On your normal credit card as opposed to the travel-specific credit card, check for the travel concessions and the foreign exchange rates that apply. On your travel credit card as opposed to the normal credit card, the currency conversion rates can scale upto three percent.

The optimal bargain is the rebate percentage which can reach around five percent. If you eliminate checking on these lines, the embarrassing moment of truth may hit you hard where you may have to encounter rejection at the point of sale or at credit card counters. Plastic money is solidly convenient only if you are tanked up on how to use one to your maximum benefit. If the card is declined due to some suspecting reason or the other, fraudulent spending is governed by the credit card bank’s protocol that will hamper your stance on this.

If you haven’t put your credit card to use abroad, ask your bank for more details on that. They may increase your credit limit and at the same time, activate your overseas spending access. It will mean happy shopping all the way. Similarly, there are benefits if you activate your debit card with permissive shopping if you are at another destination apart from your home country, Singapore.  

Shopping In Home Currency 

If overseas market spending gets paid in Singaporean dollars, you may think what a great way to keep track of all that got spent on through your credit card. However, that’s a farce. Actually, there are fees incurred on such spending. Along with, currency conversion fees from your credit card bank, the dynamic currency conversion fees apply too. If you transact physically or online in a foreign geographical location, this will depend on whete the merchant is. This means that it depends on where you swipe your card physically. It can also be where you are charged through your credit card online converts Singaporean dollars into the merchant’s location currency. Which is the currency of another country, apart from Singapore. This is call dynamic currency conversion at the end of the merchant who provides the service. These fees are an expensive levy. 

Therefore, the bank administrative fees and the credit card company fees are levied up to three percent. Make sure you read your credit card terms and conditions before embarking on a trip abroad. Not keeping yourself updated on such intermediate expenses while on trips abroad, is a mistake which you or anybody could fall for. 

Besides this comprehensive list of blunders, the foreign traveller or tourist, needs to turn off mobile roaming and data abroad as this will amount to additional costs. I hope this elaborate piece has got you thinking.