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Run into any financial problems and in need of cash? You can try approaching banks and financial institutions. Due to Covid-19 many people will be affected in terms of their salary. This can cause you to run into problems with your bills and day to day expenses.

Always try to talk to the provider before deciding on a loan. It is not shameful to ask for help. If you are able to negotiate with your provider, good for you! Otherwise you can consider banks, financial institutions or licensed money lenders.

If you are looking for a licensed money lender, you can use our free service to help you search. Trying to get a bras basah money lender is not hard for us. We have been doing this for a long time and will be able to easily find you a good money lender.

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Our platform and service is completely free for you to use. Submit your loan application to us and we will check with the different lending companies for you.

We will get the results from different companies, help you to compare to get the best personal loan or business loan. Results will then be sent to you for your choosing. We will not choose the company for you. What we will do is send you the shortlisted money lending companies that suits most closely to your needs. From there, you will be able to make your own decision as to which company is suitable for you.

6 Things You Can Do With Your Bonus in Singapore 

Year-end is the time were employees get rejoiced as it is the time of the year they get a bonus. Being excited, employees plan to do things they have planned for with that extra money. People may have an idea of purchasing a new watch, smartphone, or going on vacation with family or friends. This all stuff excites you and gives them a sense of pleasure. Employees feel they are getting something in return after what they have done for an organization the whole year. You may plan to seek pleasure from spending on things you can enjoy. But, you can think more smartly and spend on things that are not enjoyable but can save your future and give you a feel of relaxation. So, let’s focus on the things that you can put your bonus on and are more useful.

Maintain Your Lifestyle 

When you get the bonus, you may be excited to increase your standard of living. You will be opting for more branded clothes, bags, shoes than before. Yes, it will do improve the standard of living, but it may be not so fruitful in the long run. Rather than increasing your lifestyle, you should focus on maintaining the standard of living. Invest in the things that will provide you with return benefits financially in the future. Many people don’t invest in finance for the future, and later, they regret their decision. So better, invest in finance that will be helpful in the long run and would also help to maintain the standard of living in old age. 

Emergency Funds 

Expert says to save your money from your paycheck every three to six months. Saving emergency funds can save you later in the time of emergency. You don’t know; it can be a medical emergency, a car repair, a home repair, or you may have to leave your job due to some reasons. You can be broke at that phase, so in such time, an emergency fund can come handy. At such times you will thank yourself for saving this money. And keep your emergency fund in a savings account, where it will be in liquid, and you can withdraw the money whenever in need. 

Paying Debts 

Rather than purchasing new items, you can pay your old debts that can shrug off the burden from your shoulders. Bonus will help you clear out loans or credit card debts. First, try to pay the debts of credit cards due to their high-interest rates. Many people in Singapore have credit card debts, and paying it from your bonus can prove to be a viable investment. You will get to spend more with your regular savings. Always set out some portion of your bonus to pay heavy debts. Because you don’t want to stuck in a situation where you are burdened with heavy debts. So it is a smart choice to pay your debts with the bonus. 

Retirement Contribution 

Pay attention to your retirement scheme plan. It is indeed essential to invest in your retirement plan from now only. You have adequate funds at a young age that you can invest, most of the people in Singapore start their retirement plan at the age of 45, and they realize that they don’t have enough funds to invest. Don’t waste time in thinking that you will open your retirement account later. You can start investing your money in the Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) account. You get many tax benefits through SRS. It is a retirement plan account provided by the Singapore government. At your earliest draw-down age of 62, you will be charged only 50% on your SRS amount. 

Invest in Life Goals 

After you have saved the amount for emergency funds, paid your debts, and has invested in a retirement plan, you will for sure have an adequate amount of bonus left with you. So now, you can use a portion of the amount remaining to reach the goals you would have set in your life. Your goals could be anything like starting your own business, buying a new house, a new car, starting your rock band, or any life goals you have planned to achieve. This life goal would need a good amount of money to be invested. So, start saving for it now onwards and when the time is right, go for it. 

Invest in Yourself 

Well, after all the investment and spending in the financial markets, you can probably save some portion of the bonus to invest in yourself. You can spend the money to learn new skills. The new skill set could be anything from digital to physical. You can take a gym membership that will help you to stay fit, you can take classes to learn different foreign languages, a music class or you can learn photoshop. Either you can learn any skill set that can enhance your portfolio at the workplace. You will be able to attain more knowledge and new perspectives. Learning new skills can boost your morale and give you new motivation and attitude towards life. And you will be doing something productive rather than just working. You can also spend some with your family, like going on a vacation or having dinner in a restaurant. It will give you more time to spend with your family too. 

These are the benefits of spending your bonus wisely. Yes, we humans tend to spend on things to gain pleasure, and we should do it. But, sometimes we should stop and think about the benefits which our family members or we can gain. So, spend your bonus wisely to get fruitful results.