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Financial Security for Women – Know Where You Are 

Even though the purpose of this series is to help the average woman develop the basic financial know-how, there are people of both sexes, from all different backgrounds, that choose to enable other people or nobody to take care of their finances. It may be less complicated on the surface to be out of reach from the stress of financial management; however ignorance is not gratification when it comes to your finances and your future. 

It is true and genuine that everybody needs to have a happy and a wonderful life with none of the pitfalls inherent in the contemporary lifestyle such as separation, job loss, sickness and death. But unless your name is exclusive, you need to know that there are unpleasant realities you need to prepare for. This is not fiction that has been written here. 

Primary step

One of the primary steps on your journey to financial security is to understand what your present conditions are. Otherwise, how can you plan out successful approach if you don’t know where your beginning point is? Many people had a beginning point to get out of O to Z. It might be unpleasant to face reality, however you need to know. 

Come up with a file, a notebook- some sort of recordkeeping device that actually works for you. You can buy books for the purpose, use a working laptop or computer program, whatever. The essential thing is that it be comfortable and easy for you. Don’t include in your stress or anxiety by trying to utilize a system that takes a number of effort on your behalf to work with. Many people like to do their record keeping on the computer while others prefer a notepad and simple accounting ledger. 

2nd step

The next thing to do is to find out how much income you have at the moment in cash, reviewing and savings accounts. In case you are the bill payer for the household, this could be easy, but if you’ve not been associated with that process previously, you may encounter resistance, even suspicion. It might take a diplomatic effort on your behalf to reassure your mate that your intentions are reputable. Each partner in any domestic relationship has both a right and responsibility to participate in the financial operations of the partnership. Just like you wouldn’t invest in an enterprise after that blindly allow someone else to control the money, it is imprudent to invest in a relationship with results of your work yet not have a hand in the investment process at home. 


When you think of investments, you may think shares and bonds, however in reality; whatever you spend money on is an investment. Buying groceries, paying physician bills is an investment in your health. That big display Television you’ve been wanting would be an investment in your entertainment. Getting up every day and going to work to generate a paycheck is an investment in your economic welfare. Paying bills is an investment in your good credit. Paying the electric bill is an investment in keeping the lights on. Instead of viewing things as expenses, consider them as investments. This is important as it programs your mind to notice each expenditure as crucial and valued at contemplation. 

In the same way there are good investments that benefit you in both the short and long term; there are poor investments that might rob you of your security. Investing paycheck funds in alcohol down at the local pub night after night might be an investment in your entertainment, however it is a poor investment long term as the return on your investment would likely be delinquent bills, poor health, potential addiction, lawful charges and a whole bunch of friends or people whom you are closely to who spend a lot of their resources on that sort of thing as well. Spending money for unnecessary items just to fulfill your desire for something new falls into this category. So does paying with a credit card and racking up big charges if you can’t afford to pay them off in a timely fashion. 

Shares & Bonds

Speaking shares and bonds and retirement accounts, anything considered an investment for the future, you need to know what the value is. This may be as easy as looking at the most recent statement of that account or if it’s your twenty year collection of a particular company, having an efficient, reliable appraisal done. You should make duplicates of all documentation and retain the originals in a safe place. This way you will have duplicates of the account figures and a background record should it be needed. Be sure to include life insurance accounts in this search. Term life insurance does not accumulate cash value, however it is good to know what you would have available to you if your beloved dies. Discover when the term of the insurance lapses and what renewal options may occur. Whole life insurance accumulates a cash value over time also. 

3rd step

Next, find out exactly what your total monthly household income is. All payments should be considered, and a duplicate made of the most recent statements should be added to your file. 

Last step

Last but most importantly, is to discover where your money goes, even every cent of it. Not simply from the monthly expenses, but everyday expenses. It’s not a lot of fun, but keeps a little notebook handy for a month and track expenses. You need your partner to do the same also or at least give you the receipts so you can track things. If you meet a lot of resistance, you will have to resort to asking questions, making estimates or, as a last resort, snooping around to find out. This could be the very least desirable approach, but every dime that gets spent in your household is an investment in your future. You have the right to know. 

Once you have completed the information gathering process, you will begin to have an idea of your true financial health. The next step in this series will be to conduct an honest, straightforward appraisal of your financial health.