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50 Questions to Ask Before Selling Your House 

Are you planning to sell your house? Irrespective of the reason, selling a home in Singapore can be the best decision of your life. The real estate prices are too high in Singapore, and selling a house in such a scenario will get you a lot of money.  

This is the time you will have to meet several people, understand what they are looking for, negotiate well, and then finalize the deal. Before you finalize the deal, you will have to ask a lot of questions to every potential homebuyer to ensure that you sell your house to the right person. There are a few questions that you will have to ask yourself and your real estate agent as well. Here are those questions that you must ask. 

Ask Yourself First 

Firstly, ask yourself everything about the home. Once you get answers to these questions after self-introspection and market research, you will be able to sell your house better. 

  1. How much is my home worth? 
  2. What are the selling prices of other similar houses in my neighbor? 
  3. Why do I want to sell your house? Is it because I am shifting to another city or just buying a new home myself? 
  4. How much will it cost to sell my house? 
  5. Do I need a real estate agent for assistance? 
  6. Will an estate agent do everything for me, or can I get involved? 
  7. How soon can I sell my house?  
  8. Is it the right time and the best market condition to sell my house? 
  9. Is there any flaw in my house that can potentially lower the selling price of the house? 
  10. Who is my competitor? 
  11. What else would I sell along with my house, and what things won’t be inside the house when I sell it? 
  12. What are the major renovations that I will have to undergo before selling? 

Once you get answers to these questions, you can move on and ask questions to all the potential homebuyers you meet. 

Ask About the Payment 

Make sure you understand the employment and financial status of every potential homebuyer you meet. Doing so will help you understand what other financial liabilities do they have and will they be able to pay the price of the house in one go or not. 

  1. Are you currently employed? 
  2. Where are you (and your spouse) employed? 
  3. For how long have you been working now? 
  4. Do you know what your price range is? 
  5. Will you be able to pay with cash or will you need financing? 
  6. Do you need a lender recommendation? 
  7. What is your budget for monthly payments? 
  8. Do you plan to buy with the help of a mortgage? 
  9. Have you already have a mortgage or are you looking for one? 

Ask About Previous Homes 

Once you know the financial status, you must then find out the previous real estate experience they have had.  

  1. Are you buying a house for the first time? 
  2. Where did you live before this? 
  3. If you were a renter, why do you now plan to buy a house? 
  4. What is the reason behind leaving your previous home and looking for a new one now? 
  5. Do you need to sell your home or complete a lease before buying? 
  6. How long have you been looking? 

Know What They Are Looking For 

It is also essential to understand what kind of properties are your potential buyers looking for. Based on that, you can decide if these people may be the right people to move ahead with. 

  1. Do you want a new home? 
  2. What is your top 5 feature requirements in your new home? 
  3. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? 
  4. What is the ideal square footage for you? 
  5. What are your parking requirements? 
  6. Do you have a particular style of home in mind? 
  7. What special requirements do you want in a property? 
  8. Which feature, or lack of, would immediately rule out a home for you? 
  9. Any furniture, leisure activities or hobbies that you will like to accommodate with your new home? 
  10. What were your most and least favorite features in the home(s) you lived in? 

Know About Their Availability 

Right from their availability for home inspections to finally moving into your house, find out everything to set timelines and close the deal. 

  1. What times are best for you to view properties? 
  2. Do you like to communicate best by email, fax, mail or phone? 
  3. What is the best number and time to reach you at? 
  4. How would your plans be affected if you had to move earlier or later than you intended? 
  5. How soon would you like to move? 

Understand Personal Details 

  1. How far from work do you want to be? 
  2. How many people are in your family?  
  3. Do you have any school-age children? Are they home-schooled or are you concerned with school districts? 
  4. Do you have pets? 
  5. Do you have older parents who will need emergency care? 
  6. How many vehicles do you have? How many of them are four-wheeler and two-wheeler? 
  7. Will anyone else be helping you make the buying decision? 
  8. Are you working with a real estate agent to buy a house? 

Talk to each person who seems interested in buying your house. Ask all of these questions to get a clear picture well in advance and avoid any miscommunication later. If you have any other doubts to be cleared, you can ask those things to every potential buyer.