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Where to Sell Old Clothes for Quick Cash in Singapore 

The year-end comes, and you might feel the urge to remove clothes from your wardrobe. There can be some reasons like you are tired of wearing the same clothes, your wardrobe is full and needs to be emptied soon. So you might be looking to dump your old fashioned clothes, but wait and think. Rather than dumping your clothes in the waste and increasing the garbage at landfills, sell them. You can make sell your clothes, or give them away and gain discounts or coupons. This will help you to make way for a new fashion in your wardrobe. There is a wide number of options available that you can opt to sell your old clothes. You can sell clothes, both offline and online. 


Refash is an online website for buying and selling clothes. They are convenient in modern times that makes buying and selling of clothes easier. You would have to make your account on Refash and upload the images and descriptions of the clothes you want to sell along with the price. Refash will handle the sales and enquiry of all clothes. You can sell clothes from any brand, new or old; the clothes need to be in good condition. They however will charge you 19% handling fees on each sale you make. You need to mail the clothes to the buyer within the given time and make sure to send the mail proof to Refash. The money can be cashed out from the website to your bank account after your item is sold. 


Reebonz is also an online website that operates to sell and buy used clothes. They mostly takes in clothes that are designer or brand. Reebonz is one of the most trusted websites as they guarantee the authenticity of the clothes listed and make hassle-free returns. They claim that they sell 50% of their clothes in 14 days and that makes the people rely more on them. There are two ways available that you can choose to sell your clothes. One is the Closet, where you have to do everything yourself from uploading the snap of the item to list it on the sale. The second is White Gloves that give end-to-end services to the applicant. In white gloves, before listing the item in the sale, they provide pick-up service, professional photography and copywriting. You get paid within seven days from when your item is sold. The commission rate in White Gloves is higher from the Closet. 


This is another selling and buying website like Refash. Styletribute sells and buys luxury and branded clothes. They offer authentic luxury and branded items at up to 90% off. You can download the app and start using the services as they are very beneficial. Styletribute offers two types of selling services, the Concierge and Do-It-Yourself. In the Concierge service, everything from clicking the picture of the clothes to putting them on the list and selling is done by Styletribute. Whereas, in do-it-yourself, you will have to take care and manage everything yourself. In do-it-yourself service, you can be able to earn up to 80% from the sale price of the item you sold. Under concierge pack, you can earn up to 75% on the items priced at $1,000 or high and 70% on the items priced under $1,000. 

Donate to Brands 

Many brands have initiated a program to reuse or recycle your used clothes. H&M is one among such brand who has taken this step. You can donate your used clothes at the H&M brand outlet. You can drop off your old clothes at the clothes collecting box in the store near the counter and in return you will get a voucher. A shopping voucher is no less than money; you can use it later to purchase new fashion products. The donated clothes are later reused or recycled for new clothing. Clothes are also sold according to their condition as second hand. Old clothes are reused as cleaning cloth, but if an item is not able to reused or resold, then it is recycled. 

Flea Market 

Selling clothes at a flea market is one of the best ways to empty your wardrobe in one go. Flea markets are held in Singapore occasionally. You can take part in any of them. To begin with, the first talk to the organiser of the flea market, fix a date and get a booth on rent. Renting a booth with your friends will be more affordable and efficient as you can divide the rent amongst yourselves. YOu and your friends can bring whatever clothes they want to sell and can gain a significant amount of bucks by the end of the day. 

Donate Clothes 

Rather than just selling clothes, you can give back to society by donating clothes to the needy. This will be a more meaningful and vital thing to do. There are various groups and organizations around Singapore whom you can donate your clothes. You would probably know about The Salvation Army; their volunteers are always there around Singapore asking for donations with red buckets and bells. You can donate your old clothes to them. The commercial group of Salvation Army, Red Shield Industries, makes the donated clothes go through the process, and later, they retail the clothes in Thrift stores. So, you can donate to such groups and do a good deed. 

Getting through with your old clothes is not much of a time consuming and a hectic thing. As you have read above, you would have got to know how easily you can clear your wardrobe. Now, whenever you want to clear your wardrobe, opt for such options, and gain benefits.