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Central Area Money Lender

Working or living in central Singapore and need a loan? SG City Loan is here to help you find a central area money lender. If you are facing problems with your bills, you can consider going to a bank.

However, banks take time to process the loan. If you need the money instantly, you can consider licensed money lenders. Moneylenders are able to process the loans within an hour. Thus allowing you to solve your problems in the same day.

Let us help you find the right money lender for your cash needs. Do not take loans from anyone over the phone or text. Licensed money lenders are not allowed to provide a loan online. According to the law, legal money lenders have to process all loan applications in their office.

Do not send any of your personal information to anyone. This is because they may be loansharks and end up harassing you at your house or work place.

How To Convert Your Hobby Into A Business 

A pastime, a hobby or a craft can turn into something you’d have to live with for a lifetime, or at least until retirement. A skill that has developed purely due to passion can materialise into a vocation or an occupation or a business,  if well thought-through. Today, right from actors to sports personalities to presidents of a country, they all had hobbies or rather something that kept them engrossed in their spare time and something that they loved doing. With the advent of tech-modified utilities, technological advancement, new trends, and simply people with hobbies, people have pursued avenues to the level of business that even hardcore professionals can match up to. People who follow their innate qualities, take the time and use that time to indulge and keep busy in an activity that they enjoy doing, they can take it to another paradigm, such as implementing the pursuit into a money-making machine. Let’s quickly jump into some ideas or some ways on how to take charge of your hobbies so that they meet practicality in business. 

Visualize Your Goals 

Make a mental picture of the goals you have aimed for and write them down or go over them daily. First and foremost, decide on what your goals are. Where do you see yourself in the far future. What are your plans? Is it to take up a job, work more in a freelancing profile, take up a side job like if you only have to work one weekend, sticking around in a part-time job, and doing these long enough to garner the finances to do business. 


Draft your goals and professionally target the avenues or opportunities that can fulfil your aspirations and actions towards a start-up, a small-scale enterprise, or a smaller version of something you love doing. Talk to people, start discussions, streamline an objective list, get onto online forums and webinars, query with professionals in the specific area you want to transcend in for business purposes. Take a well-informed step towards a sustainable business.  

Ensuring Faithfulness  

Ensure that, when you do earn from a hobby source for money, you are not just doing it for money, but because you enjoy it. A financially viable business can stem from a hobby you have been enjoying all along. Once the baseline of a new business is in sight, stay faithful in performance. Don’t assume the attitude of boredom or inert resignation. Enjoy every bit of the job because you love it to the core. Breaks or a hiatus occasionally is fine if you are a sole proprietor, but in the event that you hire more manpower, you can be legit in your discretion to use your time wisely and address issues. 

Exercise Finesse 

If you do a hobby just for fun and for the purpose that you will manage it well every time you get down to it, then you are better off starting a small-time income generating occupation and skill up. Push off the business idea until later if your skills are not up to the mark. 

Chalk Out Your Business Plan 

Initially, if you have a business idea in mind, chalk out a rough business plan. Evaluate your plan, dig deeper, think through, spend time on the probabilities and possibilities over your doubts, estimate how much money you are willing to treat as capital in your business, talk to a professional mentor or your confidante, feed your goals, and make yourself able to market your business to your prospects. 

Keep Up A Business Mindset 

Once your hobby has crystallised into a business idea, surround yourself with like-minded people who are just as talented as you or even more talented than you. Network with the right-fit people, ask questions, try to resolve your queries and learn how to manage your time. Put in effort in workshops, training, conferences, and other networking opportunities, with the vision that you will reap the rewards. Know how to link your direct outcome to the source. The source can be anything such as a workshop you attended that benefited from. At the workshop, maybe you learnt key performance and profit indicators that shaped quality control for you. Try to detach yourself from stressors, such as only getting used to mundane tasks, not showing up at work, harbouring your personal barriers, and so on. One thing you could put into practice is shifting disciplinary aspects from a bird’s eye view to having a strong emotional tie with your business, and so on. Talk to your guide on a regular basis. Build on connections. Understand why are you doing this business that emerged from your hobby in the first place and be a doer in your business. 

Security In Business 

When your hobby is on the brink of conceptualising into a business, accept that change is normal. In case you experience negative triggers to a hell-raising day, way far from this outcome, introduce yourself to multiple streams of income and upskill in them during the course of hatching the business idea. This way, you’ll be secure and level-headed in your business. Finally, have a strategy for everything. Keep a backup plan. 

Now that you know these factors, always delve deeper and don’t lose focus. To get started, you may want to start a website and do more than just dabble in social media, which is a powerful tool to market your product or service. The final thought is to keep your hobby and your business proposition thereof, close to your heart.