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Chinatown Money Lender

Chinatown is an age old precinct. It is home to a myriad of different cultures. From buddhist to muslims to hindu, all these temples can be found along a single street in Chinatown. Chinatown boosts a huge range of culture for you to explore. Singapore’s Chinatown is the only chinatown in the world that boosts rich art and history of the different religions we have in Singapore.

Other than that, Chinatown also boosts a lot of retail shops including licensed money lender. There are many chinatown money lender available in the area. However, not every company operates the same way. Each company has their own policy. As such, they may be a money lending company but they may not be able to provide you with what you need.

Make use of our free service to help you find the ideal legal money lender. By using our service, you will be able to access to multiple lenders in one application form. This means that you no longer have to make multiple trips to companies to inquire. Neither do you need to spend time filling in multiple application form.

Everything can be done in a single application form on our website. Send it to us today!

6 Ways To Make Money Online 

The online market is huge for funding yourself with decent wages or an at-the-month-end remuneration for online jobs done. More and more people in recent years are resorting to making money online. Many people, apart from just a niche, are tackling many online monetary options. Let’s dig quite a handful. 

Online Surveys 

Many online portals pay to survey their products and services. Once you receive an email or receive an ad online that makes you click the link online, you may have to register online for a small fee or for free. All they are asking is to take surveys for their online products and services. First and foremost, scams are inconspicuous. However, you can train yourself in discretion and ongoing experience with your connections and local online marketeers about fake online jobs. So, if you are the rebuttal kind of person, filling online forms like customer response forms and questionnaires is your best bet. Whenever you trek online for specific information or enjoyable surfing, try giving valuable feedback online.

There are paid online remote survey-oriented jobs like gaining money per survey you fill up. Follow through on the online ad or digitally printed details or hyperlinks. Scams and fraudsters are prevalent. If you see a valid email address or phone number, follow through. If you are in one country, but the number is of another country, you will know that it is fake. Or if a generic, obscure and weird email address is specified, then again it is not genuine. You may not want to waste time, money, and energy.

Nevertheless, if you could get through to a valid number and instructed to participate in a few days training online and then begin filling out surveys, your best bet is that you can earn reasonable well per survey. However, set up your private space may be at home or wherever suitable, like a cafe or park for a few hours. A few legally right fits in this frame of operation is AIP Online SurveysMySurvey, and Toluna

Online Tutoring 

This line of online providers is rapidly increasing. People who want to work for a particular passion, hobby, or craft, who are more than basically interested in fine tuning their teaching skills, will take up online tutoring for a number of hours per student for a set number of days. This job is via office and work-at-home as well. You can tutor may be to teach subjects to students from different boards of education and even to language-deficient students like those who want to learn English or improve English, or maybe who want to learn French, Arabic, and other languages. Online tutoring agencies and private clients who hire freelance online teachers and professors are becoming prolific. Undergraduates are garnering quite well in terms of salary per hour in the regions of Singapore. Compare rates from sites like SmileTutorAce Tutors, and BrightTutor

Affiliate Marketing 

There are two types of affiliate marketing, such as one with a website and another without a website. The website-centric type is when you can use your brand image or stats to endorse products, services, and applications to earn sales’ commission. Associate this medium with great content and generate leads to conversion ratio. If you have to endorse goods and services after having used it, it gets converted to a sale, thereby earning some cool money. The sourcing sites are Optimise and Commission Junction. The second and final type of affiliate marketing is one without a website. The requirement for a blog or website is ruled out. Openly state remarks and comments about the products and services you love and upload images on sites like Superble about items. Anyone frequenting sites such as these will gain encashable reward points upon every purchase. 

Offer Services 

Offer your services on websites like honestbee where you could be running errands for writing resumes for applicants, walking pets for others, shopping for groceries for senior citizens, organizing closets for busy people, and so on. Grab is an app that allows you to drive your customers to office and from home. You can choose your customers and also the number of hours you are driving. 


Websites like FiverrUpworkClickworker, and Freelancer enable you to make money online like writing for service pages and blogs, bookkeeping, web designing, making videos like YouTube videos, and so on. There are many more websites that allow online monetary options like medical transcription, general transcribing, scoping, virtually assisting, podcasting, and so on. When you download apps like Airfrov and Tompang to register and receive customer requests, and while you go on trips, you can earn for your services if you buy for fellow Singaporeans anything from clothing, food, and other local commodities. 

Coaching Or Mentoring 

When you have achieved proficiency in a particular area or subject, you can offer to mentor and coaching streams for your customers either over video-calling like Skype, Google Meet, Whatsapp Video, BOTIM, or over the phone. There are Mastermind groups for offering their mentoring services for their customers. A small group of people can assemble in an island or remote area to chat up with online customers about various topics, ranging from topics like how to sleep well, how to unwind from stress, how to relieve mental upheavals, how to inculcate time management, and so on. These teams are super smart and experienced in various arenas like six-sigma, talking on stage, career counselling, and so on. 

If you want to make money online and find this section suitable, we are here to help. Try us. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.