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Clarke quay is a popular hot spot for tourist and locals of Singapore. The place is littered with clubs, bars, pubs and restaurants. There are many options for you to choose from when you are there. If you are looking for a nightlife, clarke quay is the place to go.

However, if you are looking for a clarke quay money lender, you may not be able to find one. What we will do for you is to help you find a licensed money lender near you or near to clarke quay.

Send us your loan application and we will begin the searching process for you. Let us shortlist the best money lenders for your needs. That way you will be able to save time and energy trying to get what you need.

For the companies that we have found for you, you can check their information on Ministry of Law’s website to verify if they are a legal company or not.

Any company that claims to be a licensed lender but cannot be found on Ministry of Law’s website is definitely not authorised to be operating as a money lender in Singapore.

​How to Start Your Home Baking Business 

Have you been planning to start a home baking business in Singapore? But whenever you read how-to articles, you feel extremely pressured and doubtful? ‘Donut’ worry, because we got you covered on everything you need to know.  

Laws and Guidelines 

Getting a ‘self-employed’ tag is the proudest moment you will have for yourself. Self-employed means you run a business all on your own. Sounds difficult, right? Although it is not, once you go with the process, you will keep checking off objectives on your list one-by-one. Firstly, before you register for LLCs, and partnerships, be sure to have a clean kitchen and safe ingredients. When you are registered, the authorities will visit you to check your baking area for any faults. Unhygienic kitchen is a mistake you do not want to make, as it only makes the process longer and buying the authority’s approval with delicious baked cookies is a bad idea.   

Singaporean regulations for starting a home business, in general, are incredibly uptight. Some guidelines prohibit the employment of external persons, home businesses cannot have business registrations; no traffic must be created outside the location and no advertising whatsoever. But it does not make running a home-baking business impossible. Refrain from calling it a ‘home-bakery’, rather term it as a ‘home-baking business’ at a small scale, only to avoid lawsuits.  

Market Research 

With legal issues and procedures out of the way, the fun part of the process begins. You already are a great baker, but you need to be aware of your customer’s wants and demands. What type of pastry they might like, what they might not be interested in, ingredients that may pose as a caution for allergies and much more. Being aware of this information is theoretically termed as market research.  

Market research involves understanding your target audience and their wants. Usually, the demands and trends have a thin line between them. The line is the possibility of a trend falling out. You can either refer to recent annual reports, survey reports, and research papers or you can conduct your primary research. The research is to later help in targeting, segmentation and positioning of your brand. This is all now part of your business game plan.  

It builds up a vision of a strategy in your mind as you go through the process of marketing your brand. When you do research, you can keep in mind to include some factors, like food contamination, health consciousness, cost of your baked products, and delivery issues.  Besides this, you also need to consider external factors. Such as the cost of ingredients in the market, new technology, copyrights, and legal guidelines that may affect your brand’s growth. 

Business Game-Plan 

Visualizing a business game-plan is the first step toward what you want to achieve. By now, you have an understanding of how you will overcome the objectives one-by-one. You can have your aims and objectives towards obtaining a marketing strategy, which is the step when you will decide and execute your marketing strategy; targeting, segmentation, and positioning. These are pretty self-explanatory. You basically target a group of people suitable for your baked goods, decide the kind of products you want to provide them and then design your strategies accordingly. There are four concepts in a marketing mix — placement, product, pricing, promotion. Placement primarily is where your business is, that is your home. Additionally, you can distribute them through retailers, wholesalers, and agents to different stores or home deliveries. 

Your brand image will be determined on how extraordinary your product design is — the product features on the inside and the outside, and product packaging. Many brands have started to opt for brilliant packaging ideas to engage their target audience. A brand builds up its reputation by organizing enjoyable and interactive ways to make their mark. This has increased the competitive level for all home-bakers, and hence, there is a need to have alluring menus. 

The Singaporean Government has mentioned various guidelines. They say that a home business cannot advertise online or traditionally. So various home-bakers do not advertise but have their way of putting the word on the street and spreading the message. They strategize with this concept of own media. The pictures will be post on the platforms but as usual users. This makes the government unable to question their ability to display images freely. Social media is the catalyst to your food in this process of marketing. The better your online following, the more it increases your chance to have a good home business. You cannot miss out on the top social platforms today, that is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Youtube. 


Now you have a home baking business right on the edge of beginning its new journey. You can start off with tons of your ideas, effort, and love. It is time to start being organize and responsible. You have to be ready when you start getting orders that will keep increasing monthly, weekly and eventually daily. Since it will be difficult to remember everything at some point, you have to track every activity that is completed. Every expense, income, resources transferred into your kitchen, and every order that you receive needs to be recorded. One, due to potential legal issues and two, to analyze your growth periodically. Besides, the minor issues, your home-baking business is ready to take on the world.​