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Do not send your IC or confidential information over the phone or whatsapp. You never know what the person over the phone may do with it. Furthermore, the person speaking to you may be impersonating the company as well. As such, going to the company is much safer.

Have SGD 1000? Here’s Where to Invest It 

Everybody wants to have that extra piece for either themselves or their spouses. And it is not a bad thing to wish for. Everyone is busy making money for their present, their future and in case a past occurrence catches up to present finances. With the world being a market if ever-increasing values for comfortable living, one has to always make way for the extra dollar to flow in without having to spend time on it.

This is where the idea of passive income comes in. Living life paycheque to paycheque is not very sustainable until you already had that million-dollar property from your grandparents or parents! The world was made to make an individual take care of their own and not depend on what they are entitled to. So making sure that you still have the comfort of a home that you can call your own, and a car that you can drive every day to the beach when you’re old is priceless. 

When you know that you have a substantial salary being credited in your bank account, the first thing that everyone is suggested to do, or do it by themselves, is saving all you can. Rather than spending whatever you get in income, you can hold back some of it and make money work for you instead. 

Now take a situation; you have saved SGD 1000 from a few months salary and you are eager on beginning your passive income flow. Although it is a small amount, there are schemes where you can invest your little amount and start multiplying it for later investments. 


When starting in the investment sector, you will always want to go with something that gives you security over your money. Because losing your money on your first investment venture wouldn’t be psychologically good for you. That will surely make you pull your hands back out forever. So the safest place that you can put your first SGD 1000 of savings will be bonds. 

Bonds are the securities over debt. They represent loans taken by the government or by a public company that raised money to fund a project. Generally, bonds pay out a regular fixed amount of interest called coupons. On the maturity of the bond, the issuer has to pay the principal amount on the bond which is known as a ‘face value’ or ‘par value’. If you have SGD 1000 you can buy government securities like the Singapore Government Securities (SGS) and Treasury bills. Singapore savings bond (SSB) is something that you can buy for as cheap as SGD 500. Since the risk factor of bonds is low, the returns on the investment might not seem substantial, unlike other high-risk investments. 


If you have an appetite for risk and are ready to play a gamble against the ups and downs of the market. Then stock is a good place for you to begin your investment journey. You can profit from investing in stocks by receiving dividends or when the prices of the stocks rise, but not every company pays out its stockholders in dividends, so you will have to wait for the stock prices to go up so you can resell them for a profit. Although the returns for such a risk is worth it, stock markets are too volatile in nature.

The prices and value of the stocks fluctuate and affected by a lot of factors such as company profit margins, economic and geopolitical conditions. So if you’re a total beginner in investment, you must first gain experience before you invest your money on stocks. Though for the minimization of risk factors investors may choose from a range of blue-chip stocks.

Blue-chip stocks are stocks from large-cap and established companies that are the top players of their industries. These companies are known to pay regular dividends and stay on the top charts for longer periods. If you have decided to buy in stocks, you must be ready to buy a substantial amount. A minimum of hundred shares is necessary to begin the venture. So if a company gives away stocks at SGD 1 per share, you’ll have to buy shares worth SGD 100 for it to count as a better return.

Buying stocks from the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) has trading fees on the investment amounts. For a transaction below SGD 50,000 calls for a minimum of SGD 25 as the fees. Now if you’re investing SGD 100 for the shares, you spend a quarter of your investment in the fees. So always look for bigger stock amounts and buy more shares than the minimum requirement. 

Unit Trusts 

You might be aware of the term mutual funds. It is also called a unit trust. Unit trusts raise money from several investors. The money is then used by a fund manager to buy a group of stocks, shares, bonds or other investments. Unit trusts are private organizations in which you can find the ones that are in cooperation with your investment amount. In addition, your risk appetite or investment strategy.

The profit from mutual funds comes from the distribution of dividends. This is earn by the unit trust that you have invest in. When the unit trust makes the profit it distributes the amount as dividends among the investors. Unit trusts are however high on operation fees. The fees you pay to the trust for the shares they are buying for you can come up as upfront charges. It will cost you about 1.5% to 5% of your invested amount. You cannot buy unit trusts from the SGX as they are only sold by banks or brokerage companies. 

Investment is an important passive income route for anyone. This is especially so for whoever that has been saving up enough to make a difference in their financial lives. So before you go ahead and start investing you must know the changes that occur. It can happen in the market from time to time. Save substantial amounts and invest in varied schemes. This is to make sure you know which one is best for your investment strategy.