Harbourfront Money Lender
SG City Loan – Harbourfront Money Lender

Currently there are no harbourfront money lender. But there are licensed money lenders nearby harbourfront area. Let us help you to find the most suitable lenders.

Licensed moneylenders are easy to find in Singapore but how do you know if they are reliable or trustworthy. It is easy to walk into an office to apply for a loan but how is their actual service like?

SG City Loan – Platform to find a licensed moneylender

We have many years of experience matching borrowers to the right company. Our platform will get some basic information from you. The information we will be requiring from you are the following:

1. Loan amount required
2. Current salary
3. Job position (company name is NOT required)
4. Current outstanding loans with licensed money lenders and banks.

We will not be asking you for any personal information like your date of birth, full name or address. You will also not be required to provide any passwords.

If anyone is asking you for your personal information, please do not provide them these information as you will not know what they will do with it.

Matching process

By going through our matching process, you will not have to spend time submitting multiple application forms. Neither will you need to speak to multiple companies over and over pending their reply.

SG City Loan is here to help you cut down time for this process, making things easier for you.

Harbourfront Money Lender

Currently as there are no harbourfront money lender, what we will do is to match you with the next best possible money lender in the area.

All licensed money lenders that we check with, are highly positive among their customers and clients that we have assisted. We have a very strict rule for all the companies that we work with. Only the best companies will be recommended to you.

Let us help you today! Fill in a short application form and someone from our office will contact you shortly. If you have any questions regarding licensed moneylender in Singapore, you can also drop us an enquiry form to find out more. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding lending in Singapore.