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If you are trying to find a Kallang money lender, let us help you with your search. There are many money lenders in Singapore. But this does not mean that there is a licensed lender in every area of Singapore.

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6 Reward Point Traps We All Fall For In Singapore 

Registering and earning reward points sounds like a good deal to crack. The bonuses you receive, the points you accumulate can sure be exciting. But all good things have their negatives and all high rises have their pitfalls. You can see the repercussions of bad decisions of reward points you make while grabbing a deal at a convenient store or neglecting to check any fine prints that can be a hurdle in the rewards earning progress. Here are six reward point traps that we all fall for while having a jolly time in Singapore.

Cash Back Is Not A Given 

You may have seen advertisements about the various benefits you would earn when you try to redeem reward points. But beware, they could be misleading. For example, when a cashback is promised with guaranteed benefits, it may not always be what they tell. Redeeming points to win cash backs at the company’s store can be a frustrating process. It can also prove to be an expensive feat for a few. To redeem the cashback at the right time, you must make sure to check the company’s pre-set rules and be updated on when the offers expire. 

Grabbing Maximums and Thresholds 

Reward points are gratifying and are capable of offering high benefits to their redeemer. But the reward providers set limits on how much a person can earn. Certain items at a store would fall under profit gaining categories for a buyer but they come with annual cap brackets too. It is important to get a clear understanding of what exactly is defined under the reward point scheme. It is recommended to take some time out and verify how the payments are tracked. Make sure to read and have a full understanding of the reward points system before you opt for them since they would differ from one store to another. 

Revision in Terms 

Company policies and rules with regards to reward points and bonuses are dynamic and reactive to changing market demands. There may arise instances where the company chooses to move your customer ID across different cashback or reward point programs. It is necessary to be responsive to emails and notices you receive from the company’s to be aware of the changes that occur. 

Exhaustive Introductory Bonuses 

Some companies provide introductory bonuses on the reward points they provide. They are of course worth the offer and should be availed quickly. But here arises the problem of how would you spend your money to avail the rewards. For example, there may be an offer in the grocery section of the mart which encourages spending big bucks to avail reward points. It may be available only on certain products in that section. What if you are in dire need to rather purchase detergent only? The reward points will induce you to purchase supplies that you did not require. If you are a single person living on a low budget, it may be difficult to spend wisely in a set budget. 

Unclaimed Perks 

It is natural to hoard any reward points you receive from the company’s in hopes of higher returns at a later stage. Although amassing points may increase your chances of gaining enhanced benefits, there can be instances where this practise can backfire. You may not receive what you expected to gain. Unlike cash, reward points don’t increase in value over time. You will notice a drooping worth in its value with the rise in inflation. The devaluation of the reward points reduces the worth of the points. Claiming perks requires you to be proactive and redeem reward points at set intervals. Certain brands may also provide reward points if they notice your brand loyalty towards their company. 

Reward Points Are Not All The Same 

Marketing gimmicks may portray reward points and bonuses under the same scheme but they may all cater to only similar kind of product category, based on their judgement. This may cause you to think of them as misleading. However, the companies differently manufacture reward points based on demands. Different reward points schemes cater to a different amount of brackets. As a consumer, you must compare the rewards gained from the different schemes and be sure of the returns you would receive based on the dollars you input. Credit card reward points are useful. 

All in all, reward point systems for credit cards or even purchase cards facilitate a regulation in the sales method. They are beneficial for ease in the shopping process since they work as a valuable resource for your everyday spending. It can also be harmful if it compels you to make unwanted expenses above your limits. You may also learn with time that you may not receive as much value from the points you have been relying on so much. Hence, make decisions of whether to take up or drop a certain offer. It is important to maintain discipline in the process and not let the reward points lure you into spending more than your ceiling budget.