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There are many reasons why a person will need cash. It can happen suddenly, like a medical emergency or school fees. Some may need it for a vacation or bills.

Some people need a quick loan to fund their business. With many companies in Singapore providing loans, some people are looking for a lorong chuan money lender.

SG City Loan will be able to assist you with that. With our help, you will be able to submit your loan application to multiple companies at one go. As such you only need 1 minute to submit an application to us.

We will help you to find the company that will be able to provide you with a business loan. ONLY LICENSED MONEY LENDERS WILL BE SENT TO YOU. We will not and will never send you illegal money lenders.

It may be troublesome to go down to the office to get a loan, but this ensures that you are protected by the law.

Funding Your Small Business 

When there is a potential, you need to start your business without any funding beyond what you have available in the place. Do this by commencing slowly and in alignment with present employment. Start your business by operating evenings and weekends while keeping your current occupation as long as practicable. In this way, if the business cannot meet your anticipation, you have not incurred debt and will still have a job. 

Nevertheless, based on the dynamics of the business outside funding may be fundamental. For example, you need costly equipment or preliminary stock. When figuring out your financing needs, remember that most people underestimate what is required, so be careful and do your planning appropriately. And of course, don’t forget to factor in contingency ailments, bad weather, equipment breakdown, etc. Listed below are some items to take into account when preparing your new venture budget: 

What you want to evade having to find extra funding during your startup phase. It is generally easier to obtain financing the first time around. 

There are two primary types of small business financing. 

Equity finance 

This entails selling part of your business to an outside investor. You have no necessity to repay the money. Whenever operating an enterprise, you will always need financing from one source or another. You may look for funds for a short or long term venture. When you need funds for the long term, you may successfully acquire them through equity. This is a accomplish when a business looks for financing from the general public by issuing them part ownership of the company and handing out share certificates as proof of this. In this time of financial recession, many businesses are turning to equity finance as an alternative so that they can continue to conduct business. This may sound easy, but it can be challenging to get an investor who is ready to take a risk and invest in your enterprise. 

One way of getting equity finance would be to have an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. Under this arrangement, your workers can buy shares of stock in the company. They can do this by making cash payments or having a contract to have deductions made from their wages. You will get extra funds to allocate to other areas of the business, and your employees will be part owners of the company. This can also boost your business since your employees will be more loyal and hardworking since they have a choice in the business. It is a win-win situation for all parties concerned. 


Franchising is another way of gaining equity finance. You sell your expansion rights to another party, and you get initial franchise cost, service fees, equipment sale or rent costs, and royalties from the business. A venture capitalist is an effective way to get equity finance. You get somebody to invest in your business with the desire of them getting fast and fruitful returns. 

The fact is, a virtually considerable proportion of all small businesses will use debt financing since most equity lenders or venture capital organizations are curious about lending large amounts of money, usually a million dollars or more. The following paragraphs will only contemplate sources for obtaining debt financing for your venture. 

Debt financing 

This means you get a loan from someone or somewhere and go into debt. You are required to repay the money. 

Sources of debt financing 


These may include Savings and your investments. You can be your own best lender when you have the savings. This approach can be easy and quick. Ensure you have adequate savings for both the business and other life unexpected emergencies occurrence. 

Friends and relatives 

When they believe in you and your concept, friends and relatives are occasionally willing to finance you. Choose this route with care and ensure you execute a formal loan document stating loan terms, e.g. interest, terms of repayment. Many friends are lost and many relatives alienated because of small business failure. 

Banks and other credit unions 

Several banking institutions and credit unions will loan money for starting a small business. This technique will need that you present a sanctioned plan to the bank showing justification for the amount you are borrowing. 

Small Enterprise Management 

Contrary to what many believe the Small Enterprise Management does not generally make loan money directly but instead guarantees a loan. This can make it a lot easier to obtain a bank loan since the bank’s risk is lowered significantly. The exception is that the Small Enterprise Administration does provide direct loans to particular groups including Vietnam-era and disabled veterans and disabled individuals. Generally, the Small Enterprise Management Small Business Management will not offer any assistance until you are turned down for a loan by a commercial bank. 

Company Funding 

If your business is one that depends heavily on certain vendors, it may be possible to obtain funding through the vendor. In the end, they want you to use their merchandise and therefore have an interest in helping you be successful. 


Some states have small business financing authorities that issue tax-exempt development bonds which you can use to finance land, buildings and equipment for manufacturing businesses. Consult with your local government office for details. 

Home equity loans 

Interest rates with this kind of loan are generally quite low, and the interest is fully deductible for the first time borrowed. You can be placing your home on the line! 

Life Insurance 

Certain types of life insurance plans have a cash value which can be borrowed at meager interest rates. You are not obligated to pay this money back, but if you don’t, your policy payout is reduced by the amount borrowed. 

Retirement Plans 

Some retirement plans enable you to borrow against vested benefits. You should repay your loan immediately If you discontinue your employment. If you don’t, the amount you borrow is handle as a new distribution and is taxable. 


Several foundations give funding through grants. 

Credit Cards 

These need to be use with care because of the excessively high rates of interest usually charged. Understand that many of these loan ideas will need you to sign a personal guarantee. This means that regardless of what happens to your business, you are personally liable for the repayment of the loan amount. Think carefully before signing.