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Why Should You Wait To Be Financially Stable Before Planning A Child 

A baby is a blessing that brings joy to potential parents. A small, innocent infant is a wonder and awe. A father who is waiting for a new member and a mother who wants to be a mother has significant financial planning to do before even the thought of conception. Many potential parents take in a lot of know-how on how to rear a child. It could be through a gynaecologist, reading a lot over natal websites, receiving pre and postnatal training, through near and dear ones, and so on. However, the parent goes through anxiety and worry for the sake of the new addition to their family. Above all this, the parents have to plan to be financially stable; only then they will allow the thought that they want a baby to take root in their hearts. Let’s break this angle down. 

Budget Planning 

Way before your baby comes into this world, assign a budget to this new experience. Forecast your immediate and long-term planning. Discuss prenatal and postnatal child affairs, right from medical tests and the delivery to baby clothes, baby check-ups, baby essentials and accessories, and so on. Make room for big changes and maintain an emergency fund. Consider maternity and paternity leaves. The usual allotment of funds hypothetically and in case additional leave is to be taken, your saving’s bank accounts, child funds’ accounts, and emergency accounts need to stand as reserves for big changes. One spouse has to have a handsome pay package and must resume work after the paternity or maternity leave is over. In this case, a mother might often have to take additional leave, and the father will have to resume work after paternity leave. Day by day expenses like baby diapers, formula milk, pacifiers, baby care products like baby soap, baby towels, baby lotion, baby powder, clothes, toys, and so on, need to be taken into account. Make a note of frequent expenses for the baby. 


Before the advent of a new-born baby in your family, look up your health insurance. With the addition of the new member, you need to check with your insurance provider for a family coverage plan. You need to ask questions, seek professional advice and check to see to what extent your baby will be covered. If you possess an insurance policy through the company where you work, check with the relevant human resources team member within your company.

Ask questions and clarify your doubts in regards to the new addition. Check to see who is the concerned person regarding health insurance and discuss with them. If they guide you to the insurance provider, consult with the relevant professional from the insurance company. Check to see if there is a clause in the policy for additional family coverage. If there is a need for a new policy, speak with a trained guide or counsellor from the insurance department. Check to see if you can increase the monthly payments from your salaried account towards supplemental coverage for your little one.  

Baby Savings Account 

With a new addition to your family, the investment in a stage of posterity is needed. Open a baby savings account for all expenses from custom massages to a trolley. Set up automatic payments from your checking account to the baby savings account. You can also set up a CDA(child developmental account) for the baby’s growth and education. Baby creche is another expense in case of inaccessibility of near and dear ones. If relatives cannot be available to take care of your baby while you are marketing or have some essential jobs to do outside of the home, investing in a baby creche will have to be considered. Put your finances in order, such as investing in a debit card rather than a credit card.  

Work Stability 

Rather than becoming what you do not want to do, pursue your passions. Take up a job very young, maybe in pre-graduation and do learning on the side. You will get to learn about the work market and decide on a career. Start at the age of eighteen. Follow your dreams. Refine your talents and skills. Once you get employed on a full-time basis or take a side job, you will explore your strengths and weaknesses. You will have enough time to choose a specific career. Go for career counselling sessions and learn to be independent.

Once you know what you want to do in your life with reference to a purpose, mission, ambition, a vision for your future, you will excel in the area of your dreams. Don’t sacrifice education. Instead of getting lazy and idle, grow in your work, no matter how small the job is, as long as it is the job of your dreams. You will eventually make a fortune out of it and stay happy. Once you complete graduation or finish an MBA or both, your work will take you places. This can mean so much for your life in terms of marriage and family planning. Stay focused on a rewarding occupational path and be a creative master. Let your hobbies cultivate early, leading you to more determined work course. Once you have persevered and prospered, think on the lines of a family and having a wife and children.  

These are some ideas before having a baby or more children in your life. Each one has a connection to strategizing financial stability before you and your spouse have a baby. Apart from these, there are preliminary expenses such as maternity insurance, delivery of the baby, X-rays, sonography, and so on. So, being financially stable is a comprehensive package deal. To learn more, talk to us or simply message us. It will be a privilege to serve you well.