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SG City Loan will be able to help you find a suitable licensed money lender to help you with your cash needs. No matter what reason you need it for, SG City Loan will be able to help you. If you are looking for a Marsiling money lender, there currently isn’t one. But we will be able to help you find a legal money lender near to Marsiling.

Send us your loan application and let us help you source for the best legal money lender available in Singapore. Not to worry, we will not require any personal information from you. Just some basic information to work from there.

Some people require loans for a renovation. You may be taking this opportunity to do some DIY renovation jobs in your house. Afterall, with the covid 19, and unable to go out or work, you may want to do some self improvements to your homes.

How To Plan Your Home Renovation Without Spending Too Much

Home renovation is a great activity if you deem it fit for the old adage, “Home Sweet home.”Getting your home revamped on a budget is a very explorative idea. There is a pool of home modellers who can vary in overall rates for your home. Let’s branch out into a brief foray of budget home remodelling.

Clean up

Before you can start with home remodelling, make efforts to clean up your house. Remove unwanted items right from furniture to a shoe rack. When you resort to cleanliness, you can visualise how to place things while renovating your home anew. Take out clutter and free up crammed places in your house.

Sweep things from corners and carpets. You will know where some particular pieces of furniture are occupying room. As you get down to clean each room, you will enlarge the homerooms in your mind’s eye. You can also rearrange big items like furniture and decor by moving things to other rooms. When you clean up the rooms of your house, you will be able to determine which items to shift where. The cleanup step is the prime look up into your home to rummage things into the home renovation spree and to speculate realigning things while remodelling your home. 

Budget plan

The minute you decide to renovate your home, start by making a budget plan. Well, what is home renovation on a budget? Home renovation on a budget means to allocate lump sum money to defray home renovation costs. So, now that you are clear on the term plan everything on a spreadsheet.

Open up excel sheets or google sheets and chalk out separate expenses on the budget plan taken down in recent documents from applications digitally. Then once you know how much you can afford to spend on separate items in the home renovation process, the easier it will become to purchase materials and fixtures.

Plan out the distinct dollar amounts that will go into purchasing single furniture items or combos, ceiling lamps, grills for windows, floor and wall tiles according to choice, showerheads, water purifiers, cabinets in the kitchen, a reading rack for hard copies of important documents, paperwork, books, items to get within close reach, and so on. Make calls and put in work for calls to get quotes from labourers and other home construction workforces. Make a resolve to keep aside ten percent of your allocated savings towards flexible planning.

Do It Yourself

Instead of hiring professionals to do your renovative home works, try DIY planning and operations. Instead of just splurging on expensive tasks that can be done via DIY, try the DIY collections on Facebook for DIY videos and Pinterest where images and videos abound. If you possess some skills like painting, drawing, arts and crafts, attaching wallpaper and floor paper efficiently, and so on, you can save so much on house renovation costs. You can make DIY rugs at home in your spare time. Alternatively, you can use cans of paint and apply it to walls. Another thing is you can polish furniture. You can also make DIY wall hangings, affix floor paper and wallpaper because of its viscosity, in case you cannot replace old tiles due to lack of funds. It will all look brand new.

You can invest small in a grilling machine for screw holders and making friendly holes on walls for multi-purposes. Or you can totally DIY be fixing grout and be scrubbing to apply mastic for walls and tiles. You can store leftover paint and varnish to reuse it again. Ensure you have a valid permit for disintegrating walls and fixing cumbersome beams.

You can also dismantle old robust assemblages of huge items like portable cupboards and do up newer models. Invite your friends and relatives to handle some renovations for you. Involve your entire family together in the home renovation activities. Give light work and other adorning tasks to children.

In addition, take cues from YouTube videos. Fix Compact Fluorescent Lights(CFLs) and Light Emitting Diodes(LEDs) lighting of certain, home-matching colours in home lighting yourself, if you have experience since young and if you have learnt from someone or seen someone close to you do it.

Electrical works

For other electrical works, invest in an electrician who works for a nominal fee as electrical fittings and wiring can get dangerous. You can go along with contractors to order your materials and equipment for revamping your house, and you can buy material at low prices from the last stock reserves at various shopping point visits. Reuse appliances, tools, cabinetry, fixtures, fittings, and so on. Customise your DIY building projects over the rudimentary foundation and structural stumps on your walls. Introduce natural light in your home by DIY be affixing a light tube that will project light into your living room and bedroom from your rooftop. 


Don’t ignore home repairs. Fix them instantly. This is really very vital because if the roofing like a false ceiling needs revamping, it needs to be done, or else it can crumble and fall causing injury and illnesses. Mould and mildew can cause sickness maybe like an allergy or resistance of some kind. Also, water can seep through the walls and the ground dampening and loosening most of the path, if there are no weatherboards and only bricks with a final finish. If you are stalled with revamping confusion staring you in the face, give us a whirl. You’ll get an experience you’ll never forget.