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Financial Independency 

Everybody wants to become financially independent so why do so few people get there? One of the secrets to attaining financial independence is that it doesn’t usually just happen. It starts with a detailed plan, and a willingness to commit to that plan. In this article, some of the ways of how one can look at as a road map to financial independency are as follows; 

Decide You Want It More than You Are Afraid Of It 

If you are new to the financial planning process, it’s important to remember you don’t need to go from zero to ten once, start implementing advanced planning techniques first. Take a reasonable and attainable goal, and get used to achieving small wins on your track to financial independence. 

Build a Series of steps that will get you where you desire to go 

Becoming financially independent isn’t a single goal, but a series of sub-goals. This is because your financial life has several facets. To reach your overall goal of financial independence, you’ll have to establish goals in the various areas of your economic growth, which may include 

  • Increasing your income 
  • Controlling your spending habits 
  • Understanding your savings patterns 
  • Determining your investment objectives 
  • Defining your long-term financial goals 
  • Purchasing the best life insurance for your family 

Admit that You Will Live Beneath Your Means for the Rest of Your Life. 

This reason is as important as it’s the single step that will provide most of the saved cash you will need to accomplish most of the other levels. Learning to live beneath your means is one of the central costs of learning how to become financially independent. And if you have not mastered this technique in the past, doing so will range anywhere from uncomfortable to downright painful. 

If you’re currently struggling with your finances, there’ll be no easy way over this hurdle. You’ll probably have to cut out every expense in your budget that is not necessary. 

Block out the Spendthrifts in Your Life

Are there one or more people in your social circle who you could reasonably characterize as a spendthrift? If so, one of the sacrifices you may need to make to reach financial independence will be to either reduce your contact with this person or even eliminate them from your life altogether. 

This might sounds harsh, but is also totally necessary. The people who we keep company with can have a profound effect on how we view and spend money. 

Always Keep Your Career or Business Moving Forward

You can keep your career moving forward by keeping your work skills sharp and increasing your value to your employer. You should put yourself in the running for promotions where possible, and hold yourself open for better opportunities with other employers. If you are self-employed, it means steadily working to keep your business moving up to the next level. 

If you are self-employed, that means you have a lot of clients that you serve. So, periodically ask those clients how you can serve them better. The better you can serve people, the more value you bring to the table, the more it helps you become a higher earner. 

Always Save Money – No Matter What Your Income Is

Don’t be one of those people who say I’ll start saving money when. The problem with telling yourself that is when never comes. 

If you don’t have a chance in your budget to save money now, then the answer is to increase your income or lower your expenses. 

Protect Yourself in the Short Run – Creating a Safety Net

If you have been living paycheck-to-paycheck up to this point, your first savings goal should be to create a safety net. You can do this by creating an emergency fund. 

An emergency fund should be held in a perfectly safe account like a savings account, money market account, or a short-term certificate of deposit. It’s not for investment, because investment involves risk, and that’s not the purpose of an emergency fund. 

Invest Everything above That 

Once your emergency fund is adequately stocked, you can begin thinking about investing your money. This is important because investing is about using your money to earn more money. The larger your investment portfolio becomes, the closer you get to financial independence. 

Invest No Matter What the Market is doing 

Since no one knows what the future holds, you can’t say when that will be in the future. Plan to invest no matter what the market is doing. If you’re investing periodically, you’ll be money cost averaging into the market, which will minimize the risk you’re taking if the market decline. 

Diversify Your Investments 

This gets back to unknowing what the markets will do in the future. The best way to protect yourself against surprises is to diversify your investments across several different asset classes. 

 Diversify Your Income Sources Too

Just as you would diversify your investment portfolio, you should also expand how you make money. Both the economy and the job market are not as stable as they were a couple of decades ago, and you have to be prepared to ride out the changes. 

 Shield as Much Income from Taxes as Possible

Taxes represent a significant reduction in your income, which means you will have less money available to save, invest, and pay off debt. By using strategies that reduce income taxes, you’ll be able to keep more of your income, rather than turning it over to the tax authorities. 

Make Sure You Have Enough Insurance Coverage 

On your journey toward financial independence, you may want to maintain minimal insurance coverage to keep your insurance expense low. But, as your wealth grows, your insurance coverage has to rise along with it. 

Commit to Refocusing on Your Goal Regularly 

To become financially independent, you will need to become fully committed to your goal. You should have a written plan that includes goals for each financial category and plan to review them annually which includes; 

  • To make sure your goals are on track, and 
  • To keep yourself focused on your ultimate goal of becoming financially independent 

Becoming financially independent isn’t easy. That’s why you need a detailed plan, and a commitment sticks to it.