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SG City Loan – Pasir Panjang Money Lender

Are you looking for a pasir panjang money lender? Not able to find a licensed moneylender in pasir panjang?

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, let us do the work for you. SG City Loan is here for you to take advantage of. Our service is completely free to help you find a licensed money lender in close to you. That way it will be convenient for you to go to the office from your house or workplace.

SG City Loan – Free for all to use

Any cash needs that you may have, SG City Loan will be able to help you find a company that can assist you with your needs. Haven’t been able to find one? Let us do the checking for you while you sit back and wait for the result.

We have been around for many years providing this service to the people of Singapore. As there are 150 licensed money lenders in Singapore, it can be very tiring for you to apply to each and every company. In fact, you can shorten that process. By simply filling in one application form with us, and we will check with all the companies for you.

Free platform to find a licensed moneylender

All our matching consultants have been in this line for many years. The experience that comes with it cannot be match with other platforms that you approach.

SG City Loan will go one step ahead of all other matching platforms. Other than just finding you companies that will provide you with loans, we will also do a comparison for you. We want to provide you with the best deal you can find. In terms of interest and loan repayment plan.

Once the comparison is done, we will send you a short list of companies that seem to be ideal for your choosing.

Legal Money Lenders

In the list of money lenders that we have sent you, you will only see licensed money lenders. This means that they have been authorised by Ministry of Law in Singapore to operate as a money lender in Singapore.

We want to send you only the best money lender that you can find in Singapore. Thus, you will be able to save time and go directly to the companies that have the highest possibility of providing you the loan that you need.

Some basic information that we will require from you:

1. Loan amount required
2. Current salary
3. Job position (company name is NOT required)
4. Current outstanding loans with licensed money lenders and banks.

None of your personal information will be required from you. If anyone asks you for your personal information, please do not give them anything. You never know what they are trying to do with the information.

If the person claims to be from SG City Loan, please kindly ask for the person’s name and report it to us. We treat all matters regarding personal information very seriously.

SG City Loan – Matching of Compaines

Due to the years that we have spent in this industry, we understand how money lenders in Singapore operate.

Since we are already here to help you, and it is free, why not take up our offer and use our platform? We will not charge you a single cent for our services. That you can be certain of. Do not pay anyone anything for the usage of our service.

Pasir Panjang Licensed Money Lender

Currently as there are no money lender in pasir panjang, what we will do is to match you with the next best possible money lender close to you.

All license money lenders that we check with, have receive many praises among their customers and clients that we have help. Furthermore, we have a very strict rule for all the companies that we send your application to.

We will only recommend the best companies to you. If ever, the company has any bad feedback, we will investigate and remove them from the list in the future. This is because we are here to help ease this process for you. We do not want you to end up with more headache and troubles.

Submit your application form today and let us help you through this process. Our consultants will contact you shortly after receiving your application.

Should you have any questions regarding licensed moneylender in Singapore, you can send us a message. Do give us some time and one of our highly trained consultants will get back to you.