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Trying to get a loan during your lunch hour or after working hours is all considered as peak hour. So even if you managed to find a money lender, you may end up spend a lot of time waiting for them to be able to attend to you. Even if you manage to get a raffles place money lender that is 5 minutes away from your office, you may end up queuing up.

Instead of running into this problem, send us your loan application. We will help you check for the best interest rates and provide you with a selection. Once you have selected, we will then book an appointment for you. Thus, when you walk into the office, you will be attended to immediately. There is no waiting time for you as you will be prioritised by the money lender.

Remember to always approach a licensed money lender. Licensed moneylenders can only operate via an approved office space. As such, any one offering loans online are definitely not approved by Ministry of Law.

4 Ways to save for your bucket list travel 

Death is life’s most inevitable reality. So, why not make the best of our time whilst waiting for it. Creating a bucket list and ticking off everything on it is perhaps one of the best ways of achieving this. People tend to have all kinds of adventures and quirky activities on their bucket list. And most of them entail travel. This could be traveling to unique and exotic locations in the world. But, can you really afford to travel to these exotic locations? It requires a lot of saving and planning to actually be able to fulfill your dreams and wishes. So, how do you go about doing that? The best way to go about it is by setting aside a travel fund specifically for your bucket list travel. Start new savings account for this purpose and make sure you don’t use that money for anything else. The next step is to calculate the exact amount you will need for your bucket list travel. You can then go on making small changes to your lifestyle to start saving the amount you need to be able to fulfill your bucket list travel wishes.    

Cut out on eating out 

Firstly, you need to figure out where all you can cut expenses to be able to save more money on a daily basis. If you are used to eating out nearly thrice a week, then getting rid of this habit could easily save you about $500 in just a period of 3 months. This amount can go into your savings account for your bucket list travel. We often fail to realize the amount we end up spending on outside food. According to a post on the Singapore government website, “Singapore fared the worst among eight cities when it came to cooking at home, according to a Life at the Home survey by furniture giant Ikea. Half of the Singaporeans also find it annoying when other people use their mobile phones during mealtimes, despite doing it themselves. Out of 1,271 Singaporean households, only 22 percent cook every day, compared to 49 percent in London, Paris, and Shanghai. Stockholm topped the list with 54 percent cooking almost every day”. Cutting down on outside food will also help you prevent a whole lot of illnesses that are a result of regular consumption of restaurant food along with adding more money to your savings account.  

Save on groceries and treat yourself to that once in a lifetime meal 

No, this isn’t a paradox to what we just mentioned above. You must be aware that there are many Michelin starred restaurants all across the world. And going to one of these places could be a part of your bucket list travel. Most of these restaurants are incredibly expensive and a regular person may find it hard to afford a meal in one of these places. Having said that, it is not impossible to treat yourself to that once in a lifetime meal. You can begin by cutting down on your grocery expenses. Let’s say if you spend $600 on groceries, then you can focus on bringing it down to $400 a month. This way, over a period of time, you would have saved a considerable amount of money in your savings account. You could then use this amount to fulfill your wish of going to the top 3 Michelin star restaurants in the world. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a unique creation of Italian cuisine at Osteria Francescana, the world’s number one restaurant located in Modena, Italy?  

Save money on other household expenses 

The whole game is to have a single-minded focus on saving up for your bucket list travel. So, why not do that in every aspect of your life to make sure you have the required resources to substantiate your household expenses. Make sure you spend less when it comes to your household. Avoid buying that new piece of furniture if it is not absolutely necessary. Opt for a minimalist home that is less expensive and easy to maintain. The money you end up saving here can directly go to your bucket list travel fund.  

Get serious about energy saving 

Another effective way to cut costs is by consciously working towards reducing your energy bills. Be mindful of that switch that is left on unattended. Use only as much as electricity as you require on a daily basis. You can apply this to your petrol expenses as well. Try and use clean energy modes of transport such as cycling. Opt for public transport as and when possible. This will not only contribute to your savings but also help you in reducing your overall carbon footprint, thereby helping the cause of environmental sustainability.  

These were some of the areas in your life that you could use to cut down your expenses to be able to fulfill your dreams of going to the places you want to go to before you end your earthly journey.