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Increasing Profits and Cost Reduction in the financial business 

Do you wish to know some excellent profit building ideas that you can put to immediate use in your business to increase profits and reduce costs? 

If indeed, read all these tips that have been outlined in this article which help give your businesses a dramatic increase in profitability. Most suggestions can be put into action right away. Each plan has the potential to provide you with many percentage points to boost in net profits. 

So how much will you be able to save to improve your profits? This can be done by: 


This classification typically contains inflows of resources into the business generated through operations. 

Of course, the profit developing process can be used to generate marketing and sales guidelines. The following ideas were produced to increase profit with little or no impact on the cost structure. 

Profit Increasing Ideas 

If your company has facilities located over a multi-geographical area, you may be able to rent antenna space to cell phone companies. Typically these businesses will pay for the use of rooftops as a place to build their antennas. Another alternative is for billboards as advertising if you occupy an essential location with a high visibility building. This enhances your profit without any extra cost you. The aim here is to explore preference uses for your facilities. Be aware that they are assets that can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are many opportunities available for increased revenue if you look for them. Training room and function room facilities can be rent out in the evening or weekends. What about additional land or extra slots you own for public car parking? 

Determine whether your business can market commission and non-commissioned products as add-on sales. Look for opportunities to sell products to your current customer base at no extra expense. Examples are catalog sales to airline passengers and the sale of a variety of products to credit card customers. You may have the opportunity to do something comparable. Your customers have more value than you realize. 

Section your customers into heavy user and light user categories and determine the difference between these two groups. What has to be implemented to generate another sale from both classes? All clients are critical. What can you find out about the different types of customers to determine whether more selling events possible? Make the most of these customers; you already have them. 

Develop retention strategies as well as growth techniques

In today’s markets, it is as important to hold on to your existing customer base as it to grow your business. It took you a certain amount of resources to attract your customers: you may want to explore ways to retain a high percentage. What is your cost to acquire a customer? What is your price to maintain a customer? Do your employees know? 


Effectively manage your salary administration programs. Many companies pay lip service to this principle but failed to obtain the right levels of success in salary administration and management. To start, make sure you have a salary range for every position in the company. The employees are then move higher on the scale based on performance. This philosophy is based on the premise that mid-point is the amount the position is worth to the company. If a new hire needs the training to become efficient in a particular job, that employee is working at a level below the worth of the position and therefore should be paid at the minimum salary range. 

Make sure your salary administration program allows for a regular salary review. Typically, this is done once a year for salary employees and every six months for hourly employees. The review should include a performance appraisal form, and the employee’s performance levels should correspond with established pay increases. In other words, establish the pay for your performance review system. 

The salary increase in guideline budget should be preapproved. 

When a different rating is submitted during the year, treat it as an exception. Also, make sure to justify it because performances can change- it may go up or down. A strict salary administration program will ensure that budgets are achieve. 

Establish a training rate for all appropriate positions. 

This is crucial when your organization experiences higher levels of turnover during the first and second months of employment. The training rate is lower than the standard pay rate and is applicable only during the training period. Employees are given a raise once the training has been completed satisfactorily. Determine whether the training rate could be established for other positions in the organization. 

Develop a labor-management system whereby a computer predicts daily or hourly volume and the number of labor needs based on seasonality. 

If your employees handle cash transactions, install software driven cash reconciliation process to save time at shift changes and closing. This will also reduce cash shortages. This type of procedure also saves time in the cash out process. 

Develop an incentive to reduce absenteeism. This incentive should be link to productivity improvement goals and the availability of the workforce. It should be based on lowering absenteeism from the previous period. The Spurs could be a vacation bonus based on the reduction in absenteeism 

Other Personnel Costs 

Make sure your company has a program that offers all full-time employees the opportunity to receive a higher salary instead of accepting certain benefits (such as medical, dental and life insurance). Today many employees are on a spouse’s plan. Why not let these employees choose a higher salary instead of benefits? As long as the wage increases less than the cost of benefits, the company will save money and employees will increase their income. 


Authorize a telecommunications consultant to analyze all your communication costs in terms of rates charged, equipment used, and programmers’ offered, promotions available, usage. Structure the contract so that the consultant bills based on the percentage of cost saved or refunds received. In this way, there will be no cost to you if the consultant is not successful in improving your bottom line. 


Authorize a utility consultant to analyze your utility costs. Such consultants would know how to deal effectively with the local public service companies to discover advantages or missed opportunities associated with gas and electric services. They need to be fully authorise to check existing equipment and records 

Professional fees 

Talk about fees. If your lawyer does not bring up the subject of charges, you should. Do not be timid. In business, lawyers are free to set their fees. The best time to discuss it at the beginning of a new legal matter. 

In conclusion, the more you understand the power of this list, the more you’ll realize you must get your hands on all the other ideas to benefit your business. 

To obtain the maximum benefit and ensure that the actions result in improving your bottom-line you need a structured methodology or a process on an on-going basis.