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Here are Our Favorite 9 Cashback Apps that We Recommend You to Download 

Money-saving cashback has become an effective tactic for marketers to grow their customer base these days. Yes, there are discounts and offers to lure people to buy their products. But cashback means literally giving money away for free. As a potential customer, there is no harm in using such cashback tools to save money. All you have to do is register and use the mobile apps as usual. It is that simple. We have shortlisted a few apps, that includes online shopping, dining, travel, etc. Here are nine cashback apps that we recommend you to download:  


ShopBack is the leading money-saving cashback app. The application gives you a cashback on anything and everything that you shop online. They feature 300 and above top-rated brands covering lifestyle, fashion, travel, groceries, dining. Some examples of the featured brands include Deliveroo, Lazada, and Sephora. They save up so much of your money that if you shop without the app, you are literally giving away free money. Their reward scheme is flexible to the point that you can transfer your earned cashback into your banking account. Lastly, the cashback earned is in addition to any in-store promotion or credit card rewards that your transaction is eligible for. 


Klook is an app for booking travel activities. You can book tickets at incredible prices and get savings on day trips and holidays. Another way you can use Klook is to browse experiences and local adventures, read reviews, find the best prices, exclusive deals, etc. You can also book your adventures safely and securely with global credit cards or Apple Pay quickly. Klook is one of the apps where you create the best memories and get savings as well. With over ten thousand reviews, their app rating is a four-point six, which is as good as the adventures you would experience.  


One of the must-have apps is MilesLife. You get to redeem a free plane ticket. In case this is not enough to convince you, then you must know that it has multiple features. The app allows you to earn airline miles from your daily expenditure, travel, and activities. To be precise, you earn up to five miles for every one Singapore dollar that you spent on thousands of curated restaurants, luxury hotels, spas, significant events, etc. Additionally, these earned miles are added to your FFP account within three to five business days. Airlines offer frequent flyer programs known as FFP, and Mileslife partners with numerous leading FFPs including Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer and Emirates Skywards.  


A similar concept to ShopBack, RebateMango has a refreshing twist. Their idea lies under one question, why limit cashback to just cash when you can have exciting reward schemes? RebateMango allows you to exchange your earned cashback into reward points or air miles. These reward points are beneficial if you rack up enough Krisflyer miles and redeem tickets for your next travel destinations. If you collect ‘mangoes’ beyond a specific limit, you earn up to 10% additional cashback. For every dollar that you spend, you receive five mangoes. They have several curated shops and rewards for you to choose from. Besides, signing up is quick, hassle-free, and also FREE of cost.  

Fave (Groupon) 

An app that calls itself your companion is always better. Fave allows you to find the best deals and great meals to claim with FavePay. They have partnered with a considerable number of your favorite restaurants and shops. The region is limited to Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. You get great deals in versatile categories such as food and beverage, beauty and wellness, travel, services, activities, etc. 

Moreover, it is updated daily and has deals providing up to 80% off. FavePay is easy-to-use. You can connect your credit card and pay whenever you want, that means there is no need to recharge continuously.  

ShopBack GO 

An extended offline version of Shopback, where you can earn additional cashback when shopping in-stores as well. The app lets you select a shopping promotion of your choice amongst the several presented in the app. The process is quite simple; you link your credit card on the app prior, activate it on one of the promos, visit your choice of restaurant or store and pay using the linked card. From there, you will receive cashback on your purchase, besides getting usual credit and debit card privileges. You can access your earned credits via the ShopBack app.  


An app that focuses on the needs of fitness freaks, iHerb offers good deals on products. iHerb provides flexible ways to get protein powders, vitamins, and supplements you need, while also helping you to save money. They do not give you those typical reward systems wherein you redeem products like shaker bottles and towels. Instead, they provide you with credit that is ten percent of what you paid. This credit automatically applies itself to your next order. They have free deliveries, great pricing on products and you will have no reason to buy from another retailer. You can pair the earned credit with bulk discounts to purchase multiple products, which means it is excellent for stocking up. Finally, they also have beauty, kids, and pets products.  


We all are aware that drinking in Singapore is expensive. To save us all from such expenses is Chug, which offers you one drink every day through a subscription of Singapore $19.90 per month. In case you only drink on weekends, you can opt for five drinks at Singapore $9.90 per month. The process is quite simple as the name; subscribe, and visit any of the partner bars or clubs to avail your free drink. You might be worried about claiming drinks at shady establishments but trust us when we say that Chug partners with trendy, chic, and hip venues.  

So make sure you start downloading these mobile applications soon and save money in different ways.