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Finding a good licensed money lender is not the easiest thing. You can read reviews for all the lenders. But that will mean you will need to read reviews of more than 150 companies. That can take you quite some time.

SG City Loan can help you to find a serangoon money lender or one that is near to you. Any where that you are in Singapore, we will do our best to find you a lender in your area. If there are none there, we will find you the next nearest one.

Please do not take loans through online or text. What SG City Loan does is to match you to the perfect money lender. Any loan online or text are illegal lenders aka loanshark. Do not fall for their fake loan plans as you will end up with a bunch of problems. In addition, please do not provide any of your personal information to anyone online.

9 Must-Read Insurance Blogs 

Insurance marketing is something that many agents still struggle to understand. There are some insurance blogs that you must read if you are stepping into the world of insurance and investments. These blogs are also a great resource for new marketers and agents who are also marketing professionals looking to expand their skill set to include marketing specific to insurance agents and insurance businesses. If you are a successful agent who is always looking for ways to enhance the career, you must read this blog. Here are some of the best insurance blogs every agent must read: 

Insurance Splash

Insurance Splash is a marketing resource blog that focuses on helping insurance companies and insurance agents to improve their marketing with helpful how-to blogs and blog tips on sales tips, referral marketing, value selling, and cross- selling. Thus this is a perfect blog for anyone who wants to understand their options better for marketing or to find resources that will ensure that their marketing efforts are complete.  You can expect updates about four to five times per month. 


leadPops is a weekly updated marketing blog that focuses on the insurance and real estate industries. It uploads a variety of content types to educate, entertain, and inform marketers on the latest and greatest in the insurance and real estate spaces. It posts fun, colorful infographics and easy-to-digest content and this would be a great one to keep on your list for some Monday morning reading in the office. You can expect posts once a week. 

Agency Revolution Blog 

Agency Revolution Blog shows a different perspective with many insurance blogs. It posts blogs about the intricacies of the relationship between agents and their customers, customer retention, and managing the ongoing stream of value marketing. The blog is published once or twice a month and sometimes skips a month. However, there is nothing to worry as the information in each blog is so deep that you might need that month to consider, evaluate, and apply the insight to your own marketing strategy. 

Agency Marketing Machine 

The Agency Marketing Machine focuses on blogs full of case studies, infographics, walkthroughs, and a wealth of other educational material for insurance marketers. Whether you are an expert marketer or a beginner, Agency Marketing Machine is a great resource to start with. You can expect multiple posts a week.  


AMAXX Workers Comp Resource Centre Blog is the place to go when any agency offers workers comp insurance or who wants detailed information about the industry. You can expect blogs daily and sometimes even multiple posts per day. The topic of the blogs varies from issues within the California worker’s comp market such as dealing with Cal/Osha, and CA’s OAL approvals to national worker’s comp issues such as how to formulate a risk management plan, high-risk companies with multiple infractions, or reviews of national conferences. 

Advisor Evolved Blog 

The Advisor Evolved Blog is a good resource and a good read for anyone wants to understand the issues within the insurance marketing deeper like Web Automation, Internet Of Things, Digital Marketing, and the relationship between the traffic and lead generation. You can expect new blogs every week. 


The StartUpSelling blog is the brainchild of Alan Blume. This place is a wonderful place for several reasons. The reasons include the outstanding topic list that is easy fodder for anyone who needs to add a topic to their blog. You can also learn insider marketing tricks and tips. This blog is for those who wants to keep with the most current trends in insurance marketing.  The blog topics range from B2C to B2B and also across industries such as green technology and eMarketing. 

Inbound Insurance Marketing Blog 

Inbound Insurance Marketing Blog is a snappy type of blog that offers outstanding tips on how to produce stellar insurance copy and content. You can expect blogs on topics such as B2B drivers and buyers decisions, tools that fuel market growth, and how to overcome writer’s block. This blog is perfect for anyone who has marketing business that is doing ‘okay’ but is not performing well. You can expect blogs quarterly. The insider-like tips are a perfect checklist that helps turn an average marketing strategy into a winning one. 

ITC Marketing Blog 

ITC Marketing Blog is a good source that focuses on the marketing and marketing questions for active insurance agencies. You can expect one to two blogs per week on topics that are stellar. The topics include digital transformation in insurance, solutions for low web traffic, trends in top insurance websites. Thus this is a great place for anyone who is curious to know if their site is modern. 

Insurance is a constantly changing business. Due to changes in people’s needs and wants change, you can bet our industry will continue to transform and evolve. That’s why every agent should keep up with the latest news by following the movers and shakers in the industry.