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Working in Suntec City means you are surrounded by a lot of great food, people and drinks. If you are looking for a personal loan while you’re in suntec city, unfortunately you will have to travel out further.

Right now there isn’t a suntec city money lender but that doesn not mean that there isn’t a money lender nearby. Singapore is a small country and can easily access any parts of the island country easily.

As such, we will have no problems finding you a company any where that is convenient for you. However, not every company provides the same terms and loan amount. It will take you some time to check with every company. But if you use our service, we will be able to do the checks and run the reports for you. That way you do not have to do the work yourself.

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How to Throw your Anniversary Party On a Budget 

An anniversary is a joyous occasion where the couple celebrates the joys and sorrows that they have lived through together. Anniversary is a reason for the couple to celebrate their marriage life with friends and family. Everyone looks forward to making the anniversary memorable. The couple can keep an anniversary party for their close ones. Or the family and friends can throw a surprise party for them.

There are many ways that you can celebrate, but the idea of celebration leaves you with one question. The question is how the party can be memorable and a pleasant affair for everyone on a budget. The anniversary is an important part of the couple’s lives so the budget shouldn’t come in the way of celebrating the success of your marriage. Hence, to save the day we are here listing some methods that can help you to have an amazing anniversary party on a budget. 


When you know the big day is coming, you can start planning with your better half months before. When you get your salary save some amount of your money aside for the anniversary. Limit your spending for some time. Buy things that you need, don’t buy things that you think will be useful in future, maybe it’s not. Keep a specific amount of budget in mind that you are willing to spend and try to save that much amount. If you get any raise or bonus save some money from that too, you will be willing to spend it, but saving some for sure be useful. 


Making a guest list in advance will be very useful for planning the party. You can invite family members, close family relatives, friends, or the people who know you for a long time. You don’t need to add the people on the list whom you don’t know much, and you can also decide to invite young children or not. The final count of the number of people coming to the party will help you to look out for the venue. You can decide the size of the venue on that basis. You will also be able to determine the food menu for the party. The demographics will also help to decide the theme and decorations. 


You will be willing to have an ambience that fits perfectly for the occasion and the guests. So, when choosing the place, look for the cheap one, some places can provide space for small parties at an affordable price. See to it what they offer with the venue at the cost. Decorations, themes, photographs are some important things you need to have. Better you can do it more efficiently at your home. You can make the food at home; click the pictures yourself on phones or camera available. This will save you a lot of time and money. And it will be more comfortable for the guests at home. 


Invitations are a very crucial part of any occasion. Based on invitations, people decide if they are invited to the party or not. Invitations include important details that help the guest to get ready for the event. Details like the name of couple, date, time, venue, contact no., ways to reach the venue should be written in the invitation. Several methods are available that you can use to invite guests. Very basic is sending invitation cards. Invitation cards can be printed from the computer with simple designs, or standard invitations cards can be purchased on which you can have the details handwritten. If looking for saving more money, you can invite guests by making a phone call giving the details. Easier is to create an invitation card online and send them to the guests through email or social media. Make sure you send the invitations well in advance. 

Themes and Decoration 

The theme is what gives the party a way to follow. You can choose your invitations, decorations, food according to your theme. That will help you to keep your planning straight and simple rather than opting for different options for various departments. 

The decoration is the thing that makes the ambience of the party attractive. Decoration sets the mood of the party. Various parts can be decorated like lights, walls or tables. You should keep the decorations according to your budget. In fact, you can keep a simple decoration with coloured clothes on the table chairs, balloons on the wall with flowers and can use candles. You can make a photo collage with the memorable photos of the couple. 

Food and Entertainment 

Food is an integral part of the party to keep the guests full and happy. But make sure it is in the budget. You can have a buffet system for the guests which will be very helpful as it will be self-servicing. Making the food at home will be viable if the numbers of guests are less, but if it is more, then you can opt for a catering service. According to your guests, make sure there are food and drinks for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians and alcoholics and non-alcoholics. 

Entertainment will keep the guests interactive throughout the party. For entertainment, you can include outdoor games, karaoke, ice breaker games, fun activity or dancing. It will keep your guests from getting bored, and they will have some memories with you to cherish. 

These are the methods that you can take in to hold an anniversary party on a budget. Make the most of it so later on; you can embrace these beautiful moments. Let the budget be not a problem midst your celebration. Don’t let anything take it away. Enjoy it with what you have.