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6 Things You Must Get Rid of From Your House Right Away 

Did you know that there are a lot of opportunities to earn some extra cash that is hidden in your wardrobe and shelves? No? We will tell you about them. It’s human nature to hoard things and shop for a lot of unnecessary items. Even though you are not that type of person, you will still have a lot of old things in your house that are no longer useful for you and your family members. You can sell these things off and earn money. It’s like getting the return price of all the purchases you made in the past. So let’s look at some things that you can sell to make your house clutter-free and your pocket heavier. 


The most common thing that you can sell to earn some cash is clothes. You will surely have a lot of old clothes that are no longer ideal for use now. If you’ve noticed a growing percentage of your closet space is taken up by clothes that you barely wore, then there are a lot of ways to sell old clothes. These online communities and offline stores are ideal places to cash out your next wardrobe change or save some money for investments. 


Well, this may seem emotional. Maybe you bought a couch with your first salary or have a double bed that your father gifted. These furniture pieces may hold emotional value, and it may be very difficult to let them go. But if these furniture pieces are no longer useful and are only occupying a lot of space in your house, it’s a better idea to sell them. You can donate or sell your furniture at these places, and these marketplaces will either repurpose them and resell or you’ll simply get a direct buyer for your furniture piece. Even if you are planning to move into a new house and can’t take this furniture along, these places are great options to sell your furniture and earn some extra cash. 


We all buy a lot of toys for our young ones. But these cute and adorable toys become useless once your kid grows. Do you throw these toys away then? With all the love and feelings attached to those toys that you bought for your bundle of joy, just throwing them away will be almost impossible. So sell those toys to get rid of them. Sell or donate them at MINDS Shop or TOUCH 301 Thrift Mart. These social enterprise initiatives provide their intellectually-disabled clients with training in pre-employment and customer service skills. Take a step towards a better cost while cleaning your home and earning some cash. 

Kitchen Gadgets 

Anything that’s lying in your kitchen that you don’t necessarily use every day, even novelty gadgets like cupcake makers sell really well. If you have a coffee pot but also an espresso machine, let them go. You will probably use the money you earn from selling these gadgets. Probably even faster than you will think to use that gadget again. New Uses can be an excellent place to sell all your old kitchen items, right from baking essentials to daily utensils. 

Sports Equipment 

Were you a sportsperson once upon a time, and are no more a sports-freak? Then you must be having a lot of sports gear, tools, machines, and equipment in some corner of your house. Let those things go so that you can get some free space in the house and cash in hand. Craigslist, eBay, Carousell, and Home Gym are the best places to list your old sports equipment, tools, and machines, and sell them to real-time buyers looking for similar products. Although you may feel the pinch of selling these things away, you will soon get over it and feel good that you got some valuable returns against those things that kept you healthy. 


If you are (or you were) a bibliophile, you must be having a huge shelf filled with books of all types. Not the entire shelf then at least a lot of books that are consuming a lot of space. If you think you won’t give those books another read, then pass them over to a friend or relative. You can give it to someone who has similar taste in books. But if you wish to exchange those books with some extra cash, consider these places to sell old and pre-loved books in Singapore. If you don’t really want cash, you can exchange these books and get a new collection for yourself from these stores. Just visit one of these places and see what all your old and beloved books can give you in return. 

Keep in mind that these things will sell fast and help you get quick cash. But if you have more time and patience, you can consider selling a lot of other stuff in your house. Especially those that you think are no longer useful. Once you clear space that your old items are occupying, you’ll see how much space you have. You may even feel excited for the possible things that can happen around your house. So look around, and get ready to get rid of old things.