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In need of a toa payoh money lender? People approach money lenders instead of banks some times because the banks may not be able to provide you with the cash immediately.

Banks typically need few days to few weeks to process your loan application. On top of that they have very strict criteria. You may end up not getting the cash you need even after waiting. In addition, banks do not tell you why your application was rejected.

Due to emergency, you may need the cash almost immediately. As such, the next best option will be legal money lenders. Please do not take from illegal lenders aka loansharks. They will end up giving you even more trouble.

Let us help you find the best licensed moneylenders that will be able to assist you through your problems.

Ways to diversify your financial Investments. 

Diversification entails having many investments within a portfolio to reduce risk. Having a range of investments usually yields higher returns, and also shields an investor from losing everything if one part of the market falls. 

Many factors determine a successful business. Diversification is a strategy commonly adopted by companies to enhance sales and profits from new products and markets. Depending on the stage that your business is in, diversification can offer many benefits, such as buffering your business from significant fluctuations in the industry. 

However, diversified business with several unrelated businesses or revenue streams would be better positioned to manage the crisis because its funds and resources are not entirely tied up in any one sector. Again, diversifying also enables your business to explore new markets and opportunities. 

2 types of diversification undertaken by businesses

  • Concentric diversification occurs when a firm leverages its existing knowledge and ventures into an industry similar to the one it is already in. 
  • Horizontal diversification, on the other hand, happens when a business incorporates products or services that are unrelated to its current products to its mix, aimed at attracting current customers. 

Business diversification varies widely; firms may venture into an industry entirely unrelated to their current specialization or develop a new product line similar to their existing products. No matter the type of diversification, it is crucial for businesses to consider several factors like; 

  • Financial Planning 
  • Market Research 
  • Competition 

Once you understand how to diversify correctly, you will have critical benefits over other investors. Since the financial markets are as predictable as the weather change, you need a strategy to help prevent you from losing money 

The key to diversification is spreading out your money over different types of investments. Your investment portfolio has endless possibilities. There are many different ways to diversify, and some of them will work for you. There is no one size fits all strategy to diversification. And in this article, below are ten different ways to protect your investments: 

Investment type

Most investors are familiar with this method, which can include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, currency, convertible securities, and real estate. The values and earnings vary significantly for different types of investments. Make sure you choose the kind of investment that is right for you. 

By the nation

The world economy is becoming more connected, with more companies and countries working together to earn profits. Investing globally in different countries can prevent you from losing money if one country’s economy slows down. 

Foreign currency is another way to diversify by the nation. Some foreign currencies hold their value better over the long-term, which can add security to your investments. This can also help you fight inflation. 

By the manufacturing firms 

Each manufacturing firm has different market cycles and different profits. An energy company may earn different profits than a retail company or producers, and investing in different firms can give you an average of their returns. 

Index funds are a great way to invest in many different manufacturing firms with low costs. Sector funds can also help you mix up the industries in your portfolio. 

Market capitalization 

This term refers to the size of a business. Smaller businesses have different market cycles than larger businesses, so they earn different profits. 

Investing across different sized businesses can minimize risk in a difficult market. Smaller businesses also have fewer investors, so investors may find underpriced opportunities more often by investing in small businesses. 

Investment enterprise  

There are many investment enterprises available out there, and even more financial brokers. Every enterprise is different. The enterprise that takes cares your investment has a significant impact on your risks and returns. Make sure you feel ease investing your money there. 

Investment style 

Equity funds usually focus on one of two investment strategies: growth or value. These strategies typically take turns outperforming each other, which can be a roller coaster ride if you focus on one investment style. By investing in both, you can get the average performance of both techniques with moderate risk. 

Market Growth and development

Investments are usually less risky in developed nations with productive economies and stable governments. Incoming new markets typically do not have a well-developed economic arrangement. Investments in these nations can have significant growth. 

Rate of return 

You cannot forecast which investments will perform best in the future, so working with the best new funds will likely always lead to below minimum returns. 

Focus out for funds have fallen out of favor recently but still have excellent management, low expenditures, and stable long-term operation. These passive funds may keep your returns growing. 

Hoarding period  

Stock retailers and vendors will hoard different stocks for different periods. This is a strategy that investors can also take advantage of. 

Put different target dates for some of your investments, and record it on your financial document. Once your investment reaches the target date, it is time to consider selling it for a better chance. This can assist you in taking advantage of market changes, and you can always come back to a good investment later. 


Sometimes investors forget that keeping your investments in cash is a viable option. Investors usually want to have as much invested as possible, but cash can sometimes be a good choice. 

Avoid using the all or nothing approach to cash when the market becomes chaotic. Investors who fear and move the entire percentage of their investments into cash usually do it at the wrong time and miss any market recovery. 

You can keep your risk down and stay ready for great opportunities by following these three guidelines: move small portions of your investment when moving into or out of cash. 

Keep track of your investments regularly. Don’t hesitate to invest in a great long-term fund when the market calms down. 

Certainly, diversifying is not something to be entered into lightly without proper due diligence. However, if the planning and research are sound and the scope for business growth is there, it may well lead to exciting new opportunities.