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Woodlands Money Lender

Woodlands money lender is not available yet but there are other licensed moneylenders near to woodlands. There are more than a handful money lenders in north of Singapore.

Not easy to decide which company to loan it from. Service and after loan service is important. In times like a crisis or covid 19, you may require a deferment on your loan payment. If the after loan service is not up to standard, you may find yourself with a headache. Not only do you have to solve your day to day problems but also your loan.

SG City Loan – Helping you to search for licensed money lender in Singapore

SG City Loan is here to provide you a free service. We have been around for a long time to help people looking for a loan. It is not easy to decide which lender in Singapore you are going to go ahead with. Especially if this is your first time taking a personal loan or business loan with money lenders in Singapore.

Let us help you with that problem. Helping you to search for the best money lender available to solve our cash needs. We will provide you with a list of the top 3 lenders or offers available and you can choose from there.

Increase Your Income 

Today, we live in a world where money has become a primary thing; people are running around to find extra sources of income to live their life comfortably. There is no denying that times are tough and some extra cash could come in handy for a lot of people. Whether you are saving for something special, trying to pay down debt, or just in need of extra cash to make ends meet, having some bonus money would help. While some people may have the option of asking for a raise or they may have the time and determination to take on a second job, other people are looking for more creative ways to boost their income. The good news is there are several options when it comes to scoring some passive or relatively passive income.  

Increase income is a critical step to the Wealth Creation Formula. It will be difficult to become rich without the increase in your revenue. Once you have created an income flow, find ways to increase it. No, I didn’t say get a second job, the third job, or start a business. You to increase the income from your current flow. 

Don’t lose focus on your first source. This is where people forget. They try to branch out too quickly. The sexiness of quitting their jobs drives them to look for other sources without perfecting their first source. In addition to fortifying your primary source, increasing that flow takes skills. But the learning process will help you scale later. 

The Importance of Your First Stream 

Your primary income source is your lifeline. This is why we want to increase it. All too often people start new business ventures and let their primary income flow dry out. Remember your primary source pays the bills, keeps food on the table, and it will fund future investments ventures. 

The movement to become your own boss is enticing. The road is paved with broke bosses and would be entrepreneurs. Starting a side hustle is the correct thing to do. But not before you secure and increase your first flow. Your first flow funds your entire lifestyle. Don’t forget that. 

Increasing Your Income 

How can you improve your income now with your first flow? How can you bring more money in with what you are already doing? Look at your income source. How can you earn more money with that? What other duties can you perform to get more money coming in? 

You can increase your pay. Have you looked at ways to earn more money in your current position? Here are some examples: 

Sales and Commission people can make more money by doing the financing also. Or if the customer doesn’t buy from them could you refer the customer to a competitor and earn a referral fee. 

Team Worker can increase their skill set to learn other jobs and use their seniority to get extra work. Is their overtime available for you to take to grow that current flow? 

No Opportunities to Increase? 

Now there are some instances where you cannot increase your income. Although this is rare or you suck at finding out the current opportunities. This is where you invest in yourself. Instead of hopping on the next get a rich trend. Invest in learning a skill like sales and marketing. Learn how to turn your current skill set into cash. 

Here is what increasing your income flow looks like: 

With Bonuses and tips alone a rideshare driver could earn up some good cash extra per week. This is how you grow your current income flow. The key is to find opportunities with your current job or business. It saves you time and a learning curve. You are already an expert in what you are doing. Just get paid more to do it. 

Don’t Become Satisfied with Your First Flow 

Once you master your first flow, don’t become satisfied. Don’t compare yourself with other people because you are doing better. The goal is wealth creation. One income stream will never make you wealthy. On the other hand, it is your key, and now you can create other streams because your current stream is steady. 

Believing your own boss 

Affirmations, Assertions, Positive Thinking – yes, this helps to a limit. However, when it crosses a certain boundary – then it becomes an absolute liability. It serves no purpose in being negative. Being positive is okay. However, you must be realistic! An honest assessment of your situation is critical. Stop lying to yourself. If wanting to change and improve is just a hope, wish, dream, but you do not have the drive, desire and determination to do whatever it takes to put thought into action – then all you are trying to do – hard – is create an illusion of change and feel good about it. What are your smart goals? 

Do you have a target for yourself this year? Do you have a master goal? Have you broken this goal for the next twelve months into breakable, achievable chunks? Do you know what you are supposed to achieve this week? If not – what are you doing? Where are you headed? What do you want in life? Can you quantify it, measure it and evaluate it? 

 Taking a small risk and frequent ones 

Practice taking small risks early on in life and make them frequently. The more chances you take, the better you will be at knowing what works and doesn’t work. Never be happy just being and doing the same. 

You never let your wealth depend on one income. Now that this is fortified and growing it is time to find a second source. The second source is another flow. It is not replacing your first stream. It is adding to your income. Branching out takes courage and skills. If you have increased your income from your first flow, you have developed some skills. 

Sales professionals can consult, write books, or get paid to speak. These are ways that they can build multiple streams with their current skill sets. Again, once your first flow is secure and funding everything its time makes a symbiotic second flow.