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SG City Loan will be able to help you find a nearby yew tee money lender. As there are no licensed money lenders in yew tee right now, the next best thing that we can do for you is to find a licensed lender nearby.

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For all licensed money lenders that we send to you, you can confirm if they are licensed by ministry of law on ministry of law’s website. Every month, ministry of law will update the list of legal money lenders currently in Singapore.

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Please check out our advice on money below. If you are having trouble managing your finances, you can consider a financial advisor to assist you.

Financial Advisors – An Affirmation to Raise Income 

People have different approaches when it comes to building wealth. Usually, people would save up through their bank accounts. Others would try to look for other sources such as starting up a business, getting an extra job, etc. For others who are more ambitious, their approach would include investing in properties that are relatively easy to manage. 

You might have a different strategy of your own. It doesn’t matter what approach you use, what’s crucial is you start acting now to save more for your future. 

What more could you do to attain financial success? Based on financial experts, you need to talk about it. This would mean speaking with your friends or your family about your plans for the future, how to save up for retirement, and others. Even though this may seem troublesome, this could keep you motivated in achieving your goals. 

Professionals would say that when you speak about it, you’d be more motivated to get a better job, boost your income, and others. Furthermore, professionals would say that talking about it is not enough though. You should also learn how to give direction to your money. This way, you could turn your assets into thousands, even before you retire. 

So who could assist you give direction to your money? An expert in wealth-creation which is the financial advisor. Getting the services of a financial advisor could provide a lot of benefits. 

Why you need a financial advisor. 

  • A financial advisor can examine your cash flow and current finances. He could come up with a financial planning strategy that can work well for you. Of course, you can find planning strategies through books and other resources, but an actual advisor would be able to help you through his expertise and skill. 
  • You could attain great planning skills from an advisor. During the process, your advisor could give insights on how you can deal with your finances. You can learn the right knowledge in making choices about where your money goes. You can even have appropriate expertise in insurance, tax, and other legal matters. Learning about these things would help you protect your built up assets. 
  • Your advisor could give concepts that would help you achieve your goals eventually. With useful principles, you learn how to grow your funds quickly. 

What you need to know before hiring a financial advisor. 

  • Is a financial advisor you’ve chose a Trustee? 

Most people have the common misunderstanding that all financial advisors must always act in the best interest of their clients. Unfortunately, this is not the case at all. In reality, only a small percentage of advisors practice strictly as trustees. Why is this so important? By law, a trustee must always act in the client’s best interest. 

The easiest way to ascertain this is to ask the advisor how they are compensated. 

Beware that some advisors practice as hybrid registered investment advisors. This implies at times they will act as a trustee and others they can exercise under a lower normal. While this is a convenient registration as it allows them to sell insurance and other commission depending products to their customers and charge a flat fee, it also can blur the lines of whose interest takes priority and when. 

What is Area of interest or Expertise of your financial advisor? 

The realm of financial advising is unnecessarily complicated. The specialist recommending auto insurance can call themselves a financial planner while a hedge fund manager may call themselves a similar thing. However, there is no legislation ruling against this. However, what’s the difference? 

When hiring a specialist to help you accomplish your financial goals understand what their area of focus is. This is especially beneficial to appreciate their capabilities and limits. It will also enable you to know better if you should keep all of your assets with this one person or company. 

Be upfront with your advisor to determine what emphasis they can help you out with. While it may be practical for you to keep all of your assets with one professional, it may not be your most cost-efficient choice or quickest path to attaining your goals. 

  • How does advisor’s Advice suit in your Financial Plan? 

Every person needs a financial plan. It doesn’t matter if your goals are to pay off student loan debts, buy a house or to make your portfolio last your lifetime. 

The easiest way to accomplish your goals is to measure your activity and track your progress. Your financial goals should be approached using the same technique, specific measurements. 

  • Where will your money be held? 

One more quick way to protect your cash is to never write a check to the advisor. This is a big red flag that should always be avoided. 

There are several other areas to focus on when selecting your advisor, but these are the core concerns anyone should be familiar with. Remember, it’s your money and your future. 

Finding the right financial advisor 

Finding the right Financial Advisor for you can be a difficult task. After all how on earth do you know who to trust? And just because someone might be trustworthy do they have all the answers to the questions that you need help with? What level of experience do they have? And more importantly, are they operating in your best interest or are they just looking out for themselves? As if these were not enough concerns you also have to worry about how ethical your advisor is. So how do you sort through all of the options and find the right Advisor for you? 

Three things to pay attention to when selecting the right Financial Advisor for you and your family include: 

  • Do you know they are legitimate? 
  • How do you know they have your best interest at heart? 
  • How do you know they will be a good fit for you? 

Indeed there are likely other factors that you could consider such as the Advisors specialty and even the proximity to your home town. However, if you start with the basics of doing your due diligence, making sure they are concerned with putting your interests first, and deciding if you have a good feeling about him or her than you are off to a great start to finding the right Financial Advisor for you. 

Whatever amount of money you have today, growing it into a considerable fund is possible with the help of a professional financial advisor 

The biggest complaint with people is that they are reluctant to make changes that are in their best interest because they have been burned in the past by other advisors. Don’t let your dreams fall victim to an unscrupulous advisor, be knowledgeable and protect yourself.